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There are two main kinds of hair transplant procedures that patients can undergo from a hair transplant surgeon. The procedures are FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant, and FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction. Depending on your specific situation, your hair transplant doctor may not recommend FUE and may instead recommended an FUT procedure. But what else should you know about the differences as well as the pros and cons of both procedures?

FUE Hair

Advantages of FUE Procedures

There are many advantages worth nothing for FUE procedures:

  • Faster Healing Time – The donor area made by small holes created through the FUE; heal in a shorter window of time compared to an FUT transplant.
  • No Linear Scar in Donor Area: The degree to which this matters depend on the individual. Those who have a history of keloids and/or thickened or stretched scars will find this to be a more favorable option than FUT. Individuals who wear their hair short will also find that the scar is more visible with FUT than FUE procedures.
  • Less Discomfort Following Procedure: FUE procedures result in virtually no pain or discomfort afterwards.
  • Preferred for Patients with Greater Risk of Donor Scarring: This includes younger and muscular/athletic patients as well as those with very tight or loose scalps, or patients with a history of keloid scarring or poor healing.
  • Strenuous Exercise and Active Lifestyle Allowed Immediately After: Following an FUT procedure, the doctor will generally advise the patient to completely cease or severely limit exercise due to the fact that it may increase the size of the donor scar. Because the small holes created during the FUE procedure do not widen and heal quickly, there is no risk of this occurring.
  • May Be Used for Harvesting Non-Scalp Hair: Beard or body hair transplants can be done with FUE procedures.
  • Finer Hair May Be Harvested: An example is from the nape of the neck, such as for use in the eyebrows or hairline.
  • Can Correct Scarring From FUT Procedure: Some FUE procedures are follow-ups to FUT procedures to cover up scarring if it occurs.
  • Can Be Performed if the Scalp is Too Tight for FUT Procedure: This often occurs when a patient has undergone multiple FUT procedures. This leaves them unable to perform another FUT procedure and may instead choose an FUE procedure.

There are many advantages to choosing FUE over FUT, but there are also disadvantages.

Disadvantages of FUE Procedures

While the advantages inspire many individuals to choose FUE, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages for some individuals. Your hair transplant doctor can help you decide. Some disadvantages include:

  • More Expensive: FUE procedures are more expensive due to the fact that they take more time to perform for a hair transplant surgeon and require more expensive machinery for robots (Best Hair Transplant does NOT utilize robots and instead uses a specially trained staff and surgeon).
  • FUT Has a Stronger Graft Quality: There is a greater rate of follicular transection (graft damage) for FUE procedures. Sometimes the grafts are lower density and are more fragile.
  • Subsequent FUE Procedures Cause Additional Scarring and minimize donor density: Regardless of how many FUT procedures you perform, you will only ever have one scar where as FUE procedures increase scarring each time.
  • Shaving is Necessary for Large Transplant Sessions: It may take some time for the donor hair to grow in and camouflage this effect.
  • Maximum Follicular Unit Graft Yield can be lower than with FUT: fewer grafts may mean less of an improvement than with FUT in some situations. Subsequent FUE sessions are also more difficult due to the scarring and distortion of the donor scalp.
  • Sub-Optimal Growth May Occur: This is due to the increased amount of time FUE grafts are outside of the body.
  • More Than One Session is Often Needed: This is due to the fact that the extraction process is slower than strip harvesting. FUE procedures generally take place over one or two days and longer for more extensive work.
  • Both FUE and FUT Procedures May Eventually Reveal Scarring: Long term, eventually scarring may begin to slightly appear. If the punches are too large, small round dots for FUE, a line strip for FUT.

The best way to decide between an FUE and an FUT procedure is to consult with your hair transplant doctor for your options. Best Hair Transplant offers free in office & virtual consultations and is happy to speak with you today!

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Best Hair Transplant is number one in hair transplant procedures and hair restoring technology such as Laser Cap Me. We provide the best quality hair transplant and, in virtually all cases, we’re the best priced. For a free consultation regarding your options, contact us today at: 866-846-2588.

can any doctor become a hair transplant surgeon?

There’s a little known fact patients exploring their options for hair transplant procedures do not know: it’s actually relatively easy to call yourself a hair transplant surgeon. In fact, there are many “hair transplant surgeons” that don’t do much surgical work at all themselves and instead rely on automatic devices and robots to do the work for them.

Having a hair transplant surgeon that is board certified, like Ronald Philip Chao MD of Best Hair Transplant, means the difference for our patients when they come out of our office with a professionally performed procedure that is going to last them a long time. There’s just no comparison to having your scalp handled by an artist versus trusting it to a piece of machinery or a doctor with no real experience or certification in hair transplant surgery specifically.

Best Hair Transplant Doctor

Technical Requirements to Call Yourself a Hair Transplant Surgeon

There are only two requirements to legally call yourself a hair transplant surgeon/doctor:

  1. A medical license, such as from graduating medical school and completing one single year of internship in any medical area.
  2. The desire to call yourself a hair transplant surgeon.

This is all that is required. So if you’ve visited other hair transplant doctor sites, you may very well be visiting the site of a person with no real experience in hair transplant surgery specifically. While there is an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) that provides recognized Board Certificates in hair transplant surgery to deserving doctors, if the doctor in question is not listing this on their site, it is very likely they have no such certification.

Beyond the two requirements, Ronald Philip Chao MD is board certified by the ABMS and has years of experience in the field of hair transplants with thousands of successful procedures.

Robots vs. Real Surgeons

While robots often sound interesting to patients seeking to undergo hair transplants, don’t let the technology fool you. Often these robots are simply meant to get patients in and out without the “hair transplant doctor” having to even break a sweat. A robot will never have the precision of a surgeon and in many unique situations; a robot can’t be fully utilized anyway. It takes a trained eye to perform hundreds to thousands of grafts successfully. Why would you trust that work to a machine? Why would you pay more to have a machine do the work when Best Hair Transplant charges less in almost all cases and has a trained surgeon ensuring your procedure is done right?

Have your scalp handled comfortably and skillfully. Choose Best Hair Transplant and say no to robots!

Inflated Costs of Wannabe Surgeons

Don’t let higher costs fool you. There are many doctors out there who charge more to create the appearance of a more upscale experience. Particularly in the Los Angeles area, many doctors use the desire for beauty and the focus on appearance in the community to create the illusion that a higher price means a higher quality.

The reality is that at best they are working at a higher rate with the same skills and tools available to Best Hair Transplant, or at the worst they are working with lesser skills and shoddy equipment or robots. Why pay more to get less? Why trust your surgery to a doctor simply because he/she charges more and claims to be an upscale practice? A little research will reveal that the cost effective priced option is actually of a better quality.

Don’t Take a Chance… Get a Free Second Opinion with Us

We offer a free virtual consultation to all of our potential patients to speak to them about their options for hair transplant surgery. Whether it’s an FUE or FUT procedure, or you’re interested in thickening laser products like Laser Cap Me, we can point you in the right direction of the hair restoration products or services that will treat your scalp, and you as an individual, better than the competition. And saving a little money doesn’t hurt either.

In many cases patients find that even if they are not located in the Los Angeles area, they may still save money traveling to us to complete their hair transplant procedure. Regardless of what your specific circumstances may be, Best Hair Transplant aims to always be the best choice for your hair transplant procedure.

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Best Hair Transplant is number one in hair transplant procedures and hair restoring technology such as Laser Cap Me. We provide the best quality hair transplant and, in virtually all cases, we’re the best priced. For a free consultation regarding your options, contact us today at: 866-846-2588.


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