fut (follicular unit transplant)

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At Best Hair Transplant, we believe there are good candidates for both FUT and FUE.

We constantly see advertisements in airline and other various magazines showing huge horrible scars left by bad FUT procedures and then comparing those to what a FUE would look like in comparison leaving no visible linear donor area scar.

These ads can be very misleading and confuse patients with unrealistic expectations.

Over the past few years emphasis on FUE being the more “advanced” or “new technology” have been emphasized and misrepresented.

FUE is great for smaller surgeries, eyebrows and men who wear their hair buzz cut short in the back of the head between their ears where a FUT scar would be visible. FUE still has it’s limitations.

Smaller special FUE cases can even be performed with donor hair kept longer like with patients wearing their hair 2-3” in length.

FUT is still by far the most cost effective procedure requested by patients inquiring about hair restoration surgery.

fut tricophilic closure techniques

after closure

after healing

Call Now: 213-403-0455