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About Best Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Specialists in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a great hair transplant surgeon to provide you with the results you seek at an affordable price or to provide you with alternatives, please give us a call today.


Lowest Pricing — Highest Quality

Office HallwayYou may be wondering how we can offer the lowest cost for hair transplants while other surgeons are more expensive. The reason is because hair transplant surgery is a simple procedure that any highly trained surgeon can provide. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to feel better about their hair and to help restore their confidence. Providing the best pricing for as many patients as we can is our way to reach this goal.

We know the majority of America faces economic challenges and are giving more thought on how to spend their disposable income. There are many choices and a lot of information available on hair restoration procedures which does not make finding a hair transplant group any easier.

It’s a new era for hair restoration procedures and we’re excited for the future. At Best Hair Transplant we take pride in offering the best price for hair restoration services and focus on delivering quality, value, safety and results. We have built our business based on referrals and excellent results, and we want to add you to our family of satisfied customers. Get quality services from a hair restoration clinic trusted by many. We provide hair restoration services in Los Angeles and the nearby areas.


The Differences in Hair Transplant Costs

Beware of the pitches, sales tactics, graft splitting, bogus measurements, and different pricing structures. Hair transplant groups are marketing hair transplant surgery either by the graft, hair, by the zone, or the even more mysterious cm2 donor area calculation. Per graft pricing has been the preferred method for calculating the cost of a hair transplant.

High costs per graft is mostly an issue of maintaining status for doctors, it’s not necessarily indicative of better, quality surgery. Scare tactics have been used to steer prospective patients away from centers offering services for less per graft.

In some cases this is warranted and there are high and low cost hair transplant mills out there that are training centers—sacrificing safety and quality. And, there are unscrupulous companies who throw grafts away and rush through the procedure to get on to the next patient which result in massive hair shock, and not getting good results or the results that they were promised.


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Office ReceptionDon’t spend another day wondering what life could be like with a full head of hair. E-mail or text us your photos or come see us at our office. We’ll tell you about the many different options and pricing plans we have, and we’ll develop the right plan for you.

We serve Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, San Bernandino, Riverside / Inland Empire, Ventura, San Diego, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas in Southern California.

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