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solving the fue overharvesting crisis

FUE, referred to as Follicular Unit Extraction and more accurately as Follicular Unit Excision, is a valuable hair transplant procedure useful for a variety of circumstances. As we’ve stated previously in articles such as “Pros and Cons of FUE Transplants” and “Why FUE Needs to Be Redefined

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why fue needs to be redefined for patients

FUE generally refers to Follicular Unit Extraction, but was recently redefined as Follicular Unit Excision to be more accurate. Follicular Unit Excision is the surgical technique that refers to circumferential incision of the skin around the follicular unit bundle or group of hair follicles for the purpose

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rob angelino: a history in excellence

Rob E. Angelino is a dedicated leader in the beauty industry. Rob Angelino is known for multiple successful businesses and projects he has been involved in. Some of these businesses and projects will be described in more detail to give you an idea of the many skills

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