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Video Testimonials

Don Y. – New York, NY

“I lost a lot of hair and had 2 previous hair transplants with different doctors. I heard about Best Hair Transplant from another doctor and decided to give them a try. I was very pleased with the outcome and the fact that I saved thousands of dollars compared to other hair restoration companies.”

Marcus K. – Oakland, CA

“I live in the SF Bay area and was shocked at the pricing for hair transplant surgery. The pricing seemed to be all over the map and I was confused. I did some research and found Best Hair Transplant and heard great things about them. After a quick virtual consultation over the phone I was sold. My entire procedure including the travel expenses etc. were still less expensive than getting the procedure done here in San Francisco. I’m very happy with the outcome and have referred many of my friends to Best Hair Transplant.”

“A year ago, I noticed my hair was thinning and I was unhappy with that. Luckily I found Best Hair Transplant. Rob is a great guy who gives the best advice. He is honest and gives the best deal. I had a great surgeon as well. I’m ecstatic about my results. I’m super happy I went through with Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach.”

Written Testimonials & Reviews


"I researched several hair transplant groups and Best Hair Transplant gave me the most cost effective and safe solution. The entire staff was great.”

John B. – Sherman Oaks, CA

“My plastic surgeon referred me to Best Hair Transplant to perform a post face lift hair restoration to lower my hairline. I had a procedure and I love the way I was treated. I felt like he really listened to me and addressed my needs. Everything turned out great and I loved the work.”

Gina G. – Bel Air, CA

“I was very concerned in spending money in this economy for a vanity procedure. I went ahead and did the hair transplant anyway and I’m very happy I did. Best Hair Transplant performed a large flat rate fee hair transplant that saved me at least $5000 compared to other hair restoration companies. I will refer Best Hair Transplant to all of my friends.”

Joe H. – San Francisco, CA

“I went to TJ, Mexico to get my first hair transplant and was very disappointed. The team put me at ease and performed great corrective surgery. My hairline and donor scar now look great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Paul S. – Carlsbad, CA

“Best Hair Transplant’s flat rate fee pricing structure was clear and to the point. The company did everything they promised and I’m very happy with my new hair growth. I can’t wait to go back to get more hair!”

Thomas H. – Brentwood, CA

“I was a bit skeptical with Best Hair Transplant’s low fees compared to other hair transplant groups. I always associated price per graft with quality but that’s not the case. Best Hair Transplant did a safe and high-quality hair restoration at a very affordable fee. Thanks Best Hair Transplant!”

Paula R. – Austin, TX

“First off my experience was amazing. As I was looking into different options for a hair transplant I came across a variety of quality recommendations. From the beginning Rob reached out and was extremely professional. They were highly detailed about my options and how I would go about the procedure that best suited what I was looking for. They were very clear about what to expect for both pre and post operation. They did not pressure me into making a decision and allowed me to take some time to assure that the transplant was what I really wanted. I felt very confident in their surgeon who is highly qualified to perform the procedure. I did go ahead with the procedure and I was definitely not disappointed. I was very nervous the day of the procedure but their staff was very comforting and made sure I was comfortable. The procedure was painless and afterwards I had very minimal swelling and almost no pain. They provided me with step by step procedures to assure I took care of the transplant and donor areas. Within two weeks post operation they removed the stitches and I can’t even see where the fine line where they took hair from. Now I am about two months post operation. As expected I am in the dormant phase and look forward to the growth of new hairs. I will update this review as soon as I see progress. Thank you Rob for being a true professional. I highly recommend if you are looking for true quality at great prices, that you visit their website and schedule a consultation. You won’t be disappointed!”

Mateo A. – Los Angeles, CA

“It was a quick process and everything was explained very well before and after the procedure. The doctor was always on call to answer any questions or concerns I had. It’s been about 5 months now and my hair looks amazing.”

Gustavo – Los Angeles, CA

“Rob and their staff are great! I’ve had both FUE and FUT done and I am happy with the results. It’s definitely quality at an affordable price. If you’re struggling with hair loss I would recommend them. This is the Best Hair Transplant.”

Rodrigo – Boulder, CO

“The staff is extremely sweet and attentive. Rob is great, he was super informative and helpful with my healing. I highly recommended this place for the FUT procedure.”

Vivian – Los Angeles, CA

“This place is a game changer. I’ve researched options abroad, I’ve researched the ARTAS unit, and watched countless Youtube videos of FUE/FUT centers in SoCal. You are not going to find a better option anywhere in the world.I’m two weeks post FUE, the experience was awesome, can’t wait to see the full fruition of my results.”

Joe S. – Riverside, CA

“I don’t even know how to express how amazed I am with the team with mere words in a review. I received a strip transplant a week and a half ago, and I am so impress with the professionalism and honesty that this place offers. The Doc did an extremely talented job with the surgery and stitches. This is my second Fut surgery that I have done. A year ago, I had my first surgery with another doctor, who did a horrendous job, and left a massive stretched, uneven scar on the back of my head that will be there for the rest of my life. I was extremely nervous to get a second surgery based on my experience from the first guy I had done to me. Rob, the team’s consultant, was very honest with me about everything and told me what to expect going in for a second transplant with his team, and the differences I would see post surgery. I can not believe I was so scared before the day of the surgery. Their doctor is such a pro at what he does. He does not bs around at all. He makes sure that he takes care of his patients and ensures that he is focused and prepared to do the best job he can do. The prices are basically half of what other docs will charge, maybe even more. Don’t think that cheap is worse. If your looking to get a tranplant at an amazing price, and for a doc to do an amazing job, look no further. Best hair transplant is named BEST for a reason. Thank you Rob and the rest of the ream for doing such a great job. I will recommend anyone to this place, and may come back for a third procedure if I need one.”

Nicholas G. – San Francisco, CA

“I’m extremely thankful I selected the ‘Best Hair Transplant’, Mr. Angelino was super patient, he contacted me regarding any questions or concerns before the surgery. Not only that but, he was available at all times and ALWAY with an answer in efforts to bring ease. On the day of surgery, my father felt more comfortable because the staff translated everything to him in Spanish. I waited for my father in the waiting room and Mr. Angelino would update me of my father’s welfare during the surgery. Miss Bianca was also extremely helpful. She would comfort my father by providing him with brief breaks to walk, drink water, and snack. Now we are just waiting to start the Laser Cap Treatment in hopes of better results. I would definitely recommend these services. They work with you every step of the way!.”

J.R. – Huntington Park, CA

“I researched a lot of places for hair transplant restoration and found this place and read the reviews. I decided to receive a free consultation on my hair loss. Rob explained how the procedure is done, what options they have that can best suit me for my hair loss problems, answered every question I had and gave me honest and confident answers. So I decided to have best hair transplant to do the procedure. Rob emailed me clear pre op instructions. On the day of the procedurethe doctor informed me the possible complications and informed me what they are gonna do. I told him my problem areas that I had and he evaluated it and and showed me what it would look like and gave me a natural look better than what I originally wanted. Very nice, professional and very knowledgeable about hair loss. Never felt any pain, I actually fell asleep while they were working on me. Woke up and fed me lunch. After it was done I was so impressed, I rubbed back of my head to see if I can feel the sutures and couldn’t feel them, couldn’t feel the swelling. Went home and my wife actually had to take a closer look cause the sutures weren’t really that noticeable. Next day, the doctor called me to make sure how I was doing and if I encountered any problems. The pain diminished quite a bit the day after the procedure. I do need another FUT later on and I am definitely coming back to this place to get more work done. Highly recommend this.”

David A. – Hawthorne, CA

"It took me a while to write a review because I wanted to say the best review possible. First I went and met with Rob Angelino. This man is a man of integrity and he knows this business inside and out. He really cares to help everyone who is looking for the best Hair transplant the best price possible and get your money’s worth and trust me I swear you will not be disappointed you will be happy. The place is not a penthouse suite up in a tower but don’t let this place fool you. I have been to 4 high end places and was even thinking of going to Turkey lol. I felt something was special about this place, especially after I met Rob. Then the day of the procedure I met with their surgeon, and WOW! He is a really nice guy and so is the staff. Well now let me tell you how the procedure went. Everyone needs different amount of graphs but he gives his best to give you the most graphs you can get and he we more and beyond my dreams. It went really well. I felt absolutely almost no pain and after words I didn’t hardly even used the pain medication. They give you everything you need after the treatment. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This is the Best Hair Transplant clinic office truly its that simple. Its been 3 weeks for me but I am already all healed and got my stitches out. I can’t wait till I start seeing the results in 6 months. He really did a great job he is gooooood! Oh one last thing you won’t find a better price anywhere in California I am pretty sure. So don’t worry this is the place to get your procedure done. Thank you Rob Angelino and the staff at Best Hair Transplant with all my heart. Thank you guys!”

Steve C. – Thousand Oaks, CA