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Author: Angelino Media

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Can Any Doctor Become a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

There’s a little known fact patients exploring their options for hair transplant procedures do not know: it's actually relatively easy to call yourself a hair transplant surgeon. In fact, there are many "hair transplant surgeons" that don't do much surgical work at all themselves and instead rely on automatic devices and robots to do the work for them. Having a hair transplant surgeon that is board-certified, like Ronald Philip Chao MD of Best Hair Transplant, means the difference for our patients when they come out of our office with a professionally performed procedure that is going to last them a long time. There's just no comparison to having your scalp handled by an artist versus trusting it to a piece of machinery or a doctor with no real experience or certification in hair transplant surgery specifically. Best Hair Transplant Doctor Requirements to Call Yourself a Hair Transplant Surgeon There are only two requirements to legally call yourself a hair transplant surgeon/doctor: A medical license, such...

Platelet Rich Plasma

The Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma can be combined with procedures such as Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction. PRP is used to accelerate the healing needed from the removed portion of the scalp and/or from the removal and placement of follicles from the donor area....

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