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September 27, 2022

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) represents a modern and advanced approach in hair restoration, promising natural and striking outcomes. “Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles” stands at the forefront of innovative solutions, providing unparalleled services to restore facial hair with minimal pain and recovery time. Whether you want to increase beard fullness, refine your mustache, or reshape your sideburns, this clinic is the ultimate destination.

This state-of-the-art clinic emphasizes precision and care, ensuring that every procedure is tailored to meet individual needs and aesthetic goals. Clients can look forward to results that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence and overall well-being.

Procedural Brilliance:

At our Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles, each FUE facial hair transplant is performed with absolute precision and attention to detail. The procedure is renowned for extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them into the recipient area, ensuring optimal results and minimal scarring.

  • Method: Minimally invasive
  • Scarring: Virtually none
  • Recovery Time: Minimal
  • Results: Natural-looking, Permanent

Expertise and Qualification:

Expertise and Qualification

Our team consists of board-certified surgeons with profound experience and understanding of hair restoration. Their commitment to their craft and passion for achieving aesthetic perfection make them the most sought-after specialists in Los Angeles.

  • Certifications: Board-certified surgeons
  • Experience: Extensive in hair restoration
  • Training: Advanced training in FUE technology
  • Specialization: Facial Hair Transplants

Patient-Centered Approach:

Patient-Centered Approach

Understanding that each patient’s needs are unique, Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized care and creating bespoke treatment plans. Our patient-centric approach ensures that individuals receive the optimal solution tailored to their specific facial hair needs and desires.

  • Consultation: In-depth and personalized
  • Treatment Plans: Customized to individual needs
  • Patient Care: Prioritized and comprehensive
  • Satisfaction: High levels of patient satisfaction

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Our clinic utilizes the latest advancements in FUE technology, allowing for a seamless and efficient transplant experience. The state-of-the-art equipment enables accurate and swift extraction and implantation of hair follicles, ensuring the integrity of each graft.

  • Equipment: Advanced and modern
  • Efficiency: High
  • Accuracy: Unparalleled
  • Integrity of Grafts: Preserved

Costs and Financing:

The clinic offers competitive service pricing, ensuring more people can access this transformative procedure. Additionally, flexible financing options allow patients to undergo the procedure without financial strain.

  • Financing Options: Flexible and accommodating
  • Insurance: Consultation available
  • Payment Plans: Customizable to individual needs

Post-Operative Care:

Post-Operative Care  for facial hair transplant

Post-operative care at Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic is second to none. We offer meticulous follow-up services and comprehensive guidance on post-procedure care, ensuring the longevity and health of the transplanted hair.

  • Follow-up Services: Regular and detailed
  • Guidance: Comprehensive
  • Longevity of Transplants: Ensured
  • Health of Transplants: Monitored

Patient Testimonials:

Patient satisfaction speaks volumes about the quality of our services. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and word-of-mouth referrals testify to our patients’ exceptional experiences and outcomes at our clinic.

  • Feedback: Overwhelmingly positive
  • Referrals: High rate of word-of-mouth referrals
  • Outcome: Exceptional and satisfactory
  • Experiences: Highly valued by patients

Meet Our Esteemed Doctor: Dr. Greg Powell, MD:

Dr. Greg Powell, MD, is a distinguished and pivotal medical team member at Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic. With a relentless commitment to medical excellence and patient care, Dr. Powell brings extensive knowledge, expertise, and compassion to his practice, ensuring optimal patient results.

Educational BackgroundUniversity of Michigan Medical School (UMMS): Doctor of Medicine, summa cum laude, Global Health & Disparities Path of Excellence. <br> – University of CaliforniASumma cum laude in Human Biology.
SpecializationFUE Facial Hair Transplantation. Also experienced in FUT closures, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy hair restoration, and emergency medicine focusing on complex trauma and wound repair.
CertificationsBoard Certified in Emergency Medicine.
Contributions– Awarded Excellence in Emergency Medicine at UMMS. – Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. – Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Clinical Skills and the Art of Medicine at UMMS.
Professional ApproachPatient-centered, detail-oriented, and committed to excellence in care. Dr. Powell is proficient in restorative and regenerative medicine, balancing his commitment to ER and regenerative medicine.
LocationBest Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic
Current PositionChief Surgeon at Best Hair Transplant specializes in FUE & FUT hair transplants, including scalp, beard, and mustache hair transplant procedures.
Other ExperienceHas held roles as an Emergency Room Surgeon at Providence Health, PIH Health, and Harbor UCLA Medical Center, focusing on complex trauma and wound repair & revision.

The Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in hair restoration. With innovative methods, experienced experts, and a tailored approach, it sets new standards for aesthetic transformations. Whether seeking to transform your appearance or regain your self-assurance, this clinic symbolizes artistic finesse in aesthetics. Every procedure is a harmonious blend of science and art, ensuring clients leave with a revitalized look and renewed confidence.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit our clinic in Los Angeles.


Best Hair Transplant
1970 S. Prospect Ave., Suite 2
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(213) 403-0455


How long does it take to see the results after an FUE facial hair transplant?

Typically, patients start noticing new hair growth three to four months post-surgery. However, the complete and final results, with fuller and denser growth, are usually visible after nine to twelve months.

Is the FUE facial hair transplant procedure painful?

The procedure is generally not painful as it is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring the patient’s comfort. Any post-procedure discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

How long is the recovery period after the transplant?

Recovery time can vary, but most patients can resume their normal activities within a week. Vigorous physical activities should be avoided for at least two to three weeks post-procedure to avoid any complications.

Will there be any scars after the FUE facial hair transplant?

The FUE technique is known for being minimally invasive with virtually no scarring, as it involves extracting individual hair follicles. Any minor redness or swelling in the donor or recipient area typically subsides within a few days.

Can I shave or trim my facial hair after the transplant?

Yes, once the transplanted area has healed, usually after about ten days, you can shave or trim your facial hair. However, always follow your surgeon’s advice regarding post-operative care to ensure optimal results.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.

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