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August 4, 2020

If you’re looking for the best place to book your FUE LA hair transplant procedure, you have got to check out Best Hair Transplant. Located in Redondo Beach, Best Hair Transplant has built our reputation on offering the highest quality of FUE LA hair transplant procedures at the best price. Go ahead and compare with their competitors, only Best Hair Transplant provides the best prices alongside care from an elite team of experts. 

Best Hair Transplant has been helping people struggling with thinning and balding hair for the past 16 years. They have built their business on the word of mouth referrals from happy customers who have chosen Best Hair Transplant for their hair restoration journey. We value providing their customers with natural and lasting results at a reasonable price. They understand how devastating hair thinning and hair loss can be to a person’s quality of life and know that FUE treatments are an effective way to permanently address this issue.

What is An FUE LA Hair Transplant Procedure?

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a surgical procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicle grafts from the back and sides of the hair, where it is most dense, and transplanting them in the thinning or balding areas of the scalp. This procedure is less invasive than Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT) because with a FUT procedure the hair is extracted by making a horizontal incision at the back of the head to remove a thin strip of tissue and hair from the scalp in order to harvest the follicles. This results in a larger and more visible scar. With FUE, a tiny bit of pit scarring, or small white dots may be left behind at the donor sites but most of the time the scarring at these sites is practically invisible, plus it is easily hidden by growing the hair out slightly.

FUE is an outpatient procedure. You will have a local anesthetic administered with a numbing agent injected into the scalp so that you are awake for the entire procedure. The procedure can take as long as 12 hours depending on the number of grafts, so we recommend that our patients wear headphones. This can help our patients cope with the length of the procedure and drown out the sound of the tools that are used for the transplantation process. You will be able to go home the same day as your treatment, and most find that they experience minimal discomfort post-surgery. While we recommend 2 weeks of recovery time for a professional appearance, many of our patients are able to comfortably return to work the day after their procedure.

 What to Expect After Your FUE LA Hair Transplant Procedure

After surgery, it is normal to experience a little bit of redness and swelling at both the donor sites and the transplant sites. There may be some scabbing as well. The initial healing usually takes about 2 weeks. During this time we recommend that our patients refrain from wearing hats, wigs, or helmets, and as well as refraining from exercise that could cause sweating. Their surgeon will examine them at their postoperative evaluation to make sure they are cleared to safely resume normal activities and grooming practices. 

It is normal to experience shock loss 2-3 months after surgery. This is where all the newly transplanted hair falls out. Don’t panic though, this is part of the hair’s natural life cycle of growing, resting, and shedding. Within 9 months of surgery, you will start to see the new hair grow in more fully. FUE transplants require patience but the results are worth it. Some patients choose to undergo more than one FUE procedure in order to give them the full look they desire. Ultimately the number of grafts you will need will be dependent on the size of the area that needs to be transplanted.

We Promise a Positive Experience

Look at the before and after photos on our website. You will be able to see photos of patients immediately post-procedure so you can get an idea of what the initial healing stage can look like. Additionally, you’ll see for yourself how natural FUE transplants look. You will also be able to read testimonials from our many customers who were not only pleased by their results, but by their entire experience at Best Hair Transplant.

We understand that these are difficult financial times for people and that investing in a procedure like FUE is a big expense. That is why we are proud to offer the lowest rate of $5 per graft to our patients. Hair clinics in the LA area tend to charge between $6-18 per graft. We intentionally keep our overhead costs low so that we can pass on the savings to our patients. We know how painful it can be for our patients living with thinning and hair loss, and we believe that hair restoration should be accessible. Best of all, we also offer discounts for cash payments.

Book Your Free Consultation

The best way to determine if FUE at Best Hair Transplant is right for you is to book a complimentary consultation. Schedule at your convenience. We conducted either virtually or in person consultations. During your consultation, we will evaluate your current condition, discuss your health history and goals and give you an honest estimate of what our recommended treatment plan will cost.

Rest assured. We will never sell you on a treatment that we don’t feel confident will work. If you don’t have the budget to achieve the results you desire, we will encourage you to wait rather than rushing you into a treatment that would ultimately disappoint you. We love seeing our patients’ confidence and happiness increase as a result of their FUE transplant. Schedule your consultation today and learn more about booking your FUE LA hair transplant with Best Hair Transplant.


Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your hair transplant in Los Angeles. We’ve helped both men and women regrow their lost hair. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair transplants.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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