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May 21, 2024

Are you struggling with hair thinning or loss and want to regain your confidence and quality of life? Look no further than a FUE LA Hair Transplant at Best Hair Transplant. Our minimally invasive procedure involves extracting individual hair follicle grafts from the back and sides of the head and transplanting them onto thinning or balding areas, resulting in natural-looking hair growth.

With a commitment to affordable pricing and personalized treatment plans, we strive for our patients’ satisfaction. Book your complimentary consultation today to learn more about achieving your desired results with a FUE LA Hair Transplant at Best Hair Transplant.

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What is A FUE LA Hair Transplant Procedure?

As mentioned, FUE stands for follicular unit extraction fue and is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure. This advanced technique involves extracting individual hair follicle grafts from the donor area using a specialized punch device. These grafts are then transplanted onto the recipient area, creating natural-looking hair growth in areas where it may have been lacking before.

FUE is an outpatient procedure that typically takes about 12 hours depending on the number of grafts needed. Our skilled surgeons will administer local anesthesia and use precise techniques to minimize scarring and ensure optimal results. With proper aftercare and healing, patients can expect their newly transplanted hair to grow in within 9 months post-surgery.

How does a FUE hair transplant work?

How does a Follicular Unit hair transplant work?

A FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicles from one area of the scalp and transplanting them onto areas where there is thinning or balding. This method differs from traditional strip harvesting techniques, which involve removing a strip of skin from the back of the head and dissecting it into smaller grafts for transplantation.

During an FUE procedure, a specialized punch device is used to extract individual follicular units containing 1-4 hairs. These small incisions heal quickly, leaving minimal scarring compared to traditional methods. The extracted grafts are then meticulously placed onto the recipient site using precise techniques, creating natural-looking hair growth.

The success of a FUE hair transplant relies on the skill and expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced clinic for your FUE LA hair transplant. At Best Hair Transplant, our team of skilled surgeons has years of experience in performing successful FUE procedures with minimal discomfort and scarring.

Procedure for FUE hair transplant

Procedure for FUE hair transplant

Here are the general steps involved in a FUE hair transplant procedure at Best Hair Transplant:


The first step in any FUE hair transplant procedure is a consultation with a qualified specialist at Best Hair Transplant. During this initial appointment, we will assess your current condition and discuss your medical history and goals to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

We will also provide you with all the necessary information about what to expect before, during, and after the surgery, including risks and potential complications. We want our patients to make an informed decision about their treatment options, so please feel free to ask us any questions or express any concerns you may have during this consultation.

Pre-operative preparations:

Before your surgery, our team will provide you with a set of pre-operative instructions to follow. These may include avoiding certain medications and supplements that can increase bleeding during the procedure and preparing for the anesthesia.

We also recommend that patients arrange for someone to drive them home after the procedure as they may experience some drowsiness from the sedatives used during the surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery

The day of your Follicular Unit Excision FUE procedure

On the day of your FUE hair transplant procedure, we will administer local anesthesia to numb the donor and recipient areas. This ensures minimal discomfort during surgery. Once you are comfortable, our surgeons will use a specialized punch device to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area.

During your FUE procedure, extracted grafts are meticulously placed into tiny incisions made on the recipient area. The incisions are made at an angle and direction that mimics natural hair growth, ensuring a natural-looking result. The Follicular Unit Excision procedure performed then uses donor zone hairs to place into thinning areas on the scalp.

Post-operative care for Follicular Unit Extraction:

After your FUE hair transplant surgery, our team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to follow. These may include avoiding strenuous activities, keeping the scalp clean and moisturized, and taking prescribed medication to minimize discomfort.

Patients can expect some mild swelling and redness in the donor and recipient areas for the first few days following surgery. However, these symptoms should subside within a week or two.

Are there any risks or side effects to hair transplants?

Hair Transplant Surgeon discusses risks of hair transplants with a patient

Your hair transplant surgeon should discuss the risks of hair transplants and your FUE procedure with you. Here are some potential risks and side effects associated with FUE hair transplant surgery:

  • Mild discomfort or pain – Some patients may experience mild discomfort or pain during and after the FUE hair transplant procedures. This can be managed with prescribed medication and should subside within a few days.

  • Bleeding – As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of bleeding during an FUE hair transplant. However, our skilled surgeons use precise techniques to minimize bleeding and ensure a safe and successful surgery.

  • Infection – While rare, there is a risk of infection at the donor or recipient sites after an FUE hair transplant. To reduce this risk, we provide patients with detailed post-operative care instructions, including keeping the scalp clean and avoiding strenuous activities that can increase the chances of infection.

  • Scarring – One of the main advantages of FUE hair transplant surgery is the minimal scarring compared to traditional strip harvesting techniques. However, there can still be some small scars at the donor site, which may be visible if the hair is shaved very short.

What to expect after a FUE LA hair transplant procedure

What should you expect after a Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration?

After an FUE hair transplant, patients can expect their transplanted hairs to fall out within the first few weeks. This is a normal part of the healing process and should not cause concern. New hair growth will begin to appear within 3-4 months, with full results visible within 9 months.

It is vital to follow all post-operative care instructions provided by our team at Best Hair Transplant to ensure optimal healing and results. Patients should also maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid any practices that may damage the transplanted hair follicles.

How long does FUE hair transplant last?

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE hair transplants use surrounding hair donor grafts to increase growth in balding areas.

FUE hair transplant is a long-term solution for those experiencing hair loss or thinning. The longevity of the results depends on various factors, including the individual’s age, genetics, and overall health. However, on average, an FUE hair transplant can last anywhere well over 10 to 15 years. You may require multiple sessions fo FUE transplants in order for the bald area to be fully restored.

During the procedure, only healthy hair follicles are extracted and transplanted onto the recipient site. These follicles retain their natural ability to grow in their new location, making them permanent once they have successfully taken root.

The transplanted hairs will go through a shedding phase within the first few weeks after surgery. This is a normal part of the process as the new follicles adjust to their new environment. After this period, new growth will begin, and the results will gradually become more evident.

Advantages of Follicualr Unit Extraction FUE Transplantation

Advantages of Follicualr Unit Extraction FUE Transplantation

Here are some of the advantages of FUE hair transplantation and hair restoration surgery:

  1. No linear scarring – One of the most significant advantages of FUE hair transplantation is that it does not leave a linear scar at the donor site. The procedure involves extracting individual hair follicles, leaving tiny puncture wounds that heal quickly and are virtually undetectable. The lack of a linear scar is best for those who enjoy wearing short hairstyles.

  2. Less discomfort and downtime – As FUE hair transplants are invasive compared to traditional strip harvesting techniques, patients experience less discomfort during the procedure and minimal downtime after surgery. This allows individuals to resume their daily activities within a few days.

  3. Natural-looking results – FUE hair transplantation uses specialized techniques and precision to mimic the natural growth pattern of hair, resulting in a more natural-looking result. The use of individual follicles also allows for better control over the placement and direction of transplanted hairs. If you’re experiencing thinning hair and balding, the FUE procedure is one of the best hair transplants to consider.

  4. Versatility – FUE hair transplantation can be used to treat various types of hair loss, including male and female pattern baldness, traction alopecia, and scars from previous surgeries or injuries. The versatility of this technique makes it an effective option for many individuals.

  5. Minimally invasive – FUE hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require any incisions or stitches, resulting in minimal scarring and faster healing time. Instead of removing a portion of the scalp, donor hair is removed using a micropunch, leaving little or no visible scarring.

How Does an FUE Hair Transplant Differ from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

Success of a FUT or FUE hair transplant depends on harvesting hair follicles in different ways

Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT hair restoration are two common hair transplant techniques, but they differ in the way donor hairs are extracted.

Extraction method:

With the Follicular Unit Extraction FUE method, individual follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp using a punch tool. In contrast, FUT involves removing a strip of skin with multiple follicular units from the back of the head and then dissecting them into grafts.


As mentioned earlier, FUE results in minimal scarring compared to the linear scar left by Follicular Unit Transplantation. This makes it a better option for those who wish to keep their hair short without worrying about visible scars.

Recovery time:

Due to its minimally invasive nature, recovery time is shorter for an FUE hair transplant compared to FUT. This means less discomfort and downtime for patients after the FUE hair transplants than after a Follicular Unt Transplantation procedure.

Graft survival rate:

FUE has a slightly higher graft survival rate compared to FUT due to the precision used in extracting individual follicles. This can result in better and more natural-looking results.

It is essential to consult with a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon to determine the best technique for your specific needs and goals.

Who is a Good Candidate for an FUE Procedure?

Who is a Good Candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Surgery?

An FUE hair transplant is suitable for both men and women who have experienced hair loss or thinning hair. Ideal candidates have good donor hair supply, usually from the back of the head, that can be transplanted to areas with hair loss. Donor hair follicular units are harvested from the back and sides of the head so it’s important to have enough existing hair grafts to move to other areas of scalp tissue.

Patients should also have realistic expectations and a commitment to following post-operative care instructions for successful results. A consultation with a qualified surgeon can help determine if FUE hair transplantation is the right option for an individual’s specific needs.

Why Choose an FUE LA Hair Restoration Surgery?

Most patients benefit from the natural appearance resulting from LA FUE hair surgery

Choosing an FUE hair restoration surgery in LA offers many benefits, including:

Experienced surgeons:

LA is known for having some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. These experienced professionals have honed their skills and use the latest techniques to provide exceptional results.

Advanced technology:

FUE hair transplantation requires precision and expertise, which is why it’s essential to choose a clinic that uses advanced technology for the procedure. This ensures better results and minimizes any risks or complications.

Beautiful location:

The beautiful city of LA provides a perfect setting for individuals looking to combine a vacation with their hair transplant surgery. With its warm climate and scenic views, patients can relax and recover while enjoying all that this vibrant city has to offer.

We Promise a Positive Experience

At our clinic, we strive to provide our patients with a positive and rewarding experience with their FUE hair transplant procedure. We understand that undergoing any type of surgery can be daunting, which is why we prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the entire process.

Our team of skilled and experienced surgeons has years of training and expertise in performing FUE hair transplantation procedure. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best possible results for our patients.

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FUE hair transplants at Best Hair Transplant LA

If you’re ready to take the first step towards restoring your hair and confidence, book your free consultation with Best Hair Transplant today. Our team of experts will provide personalized recommendations based on your unique needs and goals.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve the full head of hair you’ve always wanted. With our advanced FUE technique and experienced surgeons, we can help you achieve natural-looking results that last a lifetime. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and start your journey to a fuller head of hair at Best Hair Transplant.


Does FUE require a shaved head?

No, FUE does not require a fully shaved head. Only the donor area where follicles are being extracted will need to be trimmed.

What happens 10 years after hair transplant?

Transplanted hairs are permanent and will continue to grow like regular hair. However, it’s important to continue following proper hair care routines and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure the best results.

How can I hide my hair transplant?

After the initial healing period, hair transplants are virtually undetectable. With proper styling and care, the transplanted hairs will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

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