Follicular Unit Transplants Surpass FUE In Requested Procedures

July 22, 2019

FUE is a specialized, more expensive hair transplant procedure when compared to its FUT counterpart. Frequently, Follicular Unit Transplants may be the better option. Additionally, they may save you a lot of money.

Follicular Unit Transplants

You wouldn’t think that a hair transplant clinic would try to change a patient’s mind. This is especially true when FUE brings in considerably more money. However, we do it here at Best Hair Transplant all the time. The reason is that FUE, while usually the more popular option, is not always the best procedure for our patients.

While FUE may be preferred in certain situations, such as if you wear your hair short or other reasons mentioned in our FUE pros and cons blog, it can be challenging when patients who are clearly better candidates for FUT come into our office set on an FUE procedure.

This is why we are happy to report that more and more patients are coming in demanding a quality FUT procedure performed. While we still get plenty of FUE requests, we are noticing patients coming to us already educated on the differences between FUT and FUE procedures. As such, our patients are much more often requesting procedures that truly match their needs.

Some Basics

A quick set of basic rules regarding FUT vs FUE procedures:

  • FUT is less expensive than FUE and has a more cost-effective graft yield.
  • While FUE is a specialized procedure, you don’t have to be a surgeon to perform an FUE procedure. Luckily, our FUE procedures are performed by one who is.
  • Most patients who need FUE either wear their hair too short to hide the FUT scar or they have already had enough FUTs that their scalp no longer has the elasticity for another FUT.
  • If you’re only concerned about the FUT scar, take a look at the linked page to see how a FUT scar actually looks after healing.

At Best Hair Transplant, we understand that a professionally performed, cost-effective procedure is of top priority. Contact us to have a consultant perform your complimentary virtual or in-person consultation today!

Choose Best Hair Transplant

At Best Hair Transplant, we offer affordable prices and stand by the quality of the work we perform. We won’t just save you money on an FUT or FUE procedure. We may also save you money by recommending a procedure that actually works better for you. Oftentimes, our patients save two-fold by getting the same procedure for less than other doctors would charge.

In any case, at Best Hair Transplant we choose the right procedure for our patients. In rare cases, that may even mean recommending no procedure or recommending an alternative such as laser hair therapy. Our goal is to help our patients have a successful procedure. Finally, we want you to be excited about the results.

For a free consultation regarding your options, contact us today at 213-403-0455.

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