What to Keep in Mind When Choosing an LA FUE Hair Clinic

June 30, 2022

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing an LA FUE Hair Clinic

Choosing the right LA FUE hair clinic for you is a big decision. If you’re contemplating hair restoration, chances are that you have struggled for years searching for solutions. FUE or follicular unit extraction is one of the most effective permanent solutions to hair loss due to pattern baldness, traction alopecia, and hair loss due to extreme life events such as illness or a major accident. However, it is important to note that not all LA FUE hair clinics are on the same level when it comes to quality of service, the success of the treatment, and cost. Here is what to keep in mind when choosing an LA FUE hair clinic, to ensure that you find the best possible treatment in the LA area.

Do They Offer Complimentary Consultations?

A high-quality LA FUE hair clinic will always offer complimentary consultations. You should never be expected to pay to inquire about services or learn about treatment options. You as a patient have a right to be well informed about the risks and benefits of any surgery that you choose to undergo. We believe you should always be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. So don’t be afraid. Do it!

Some people interested in hair transplants may not actually be good candidates for the procedure, sometimes this is because the extent of the hair loss isn’t severe enough to warrant undergoing surgery when other less invasive treatment methods such as minoxidil (Rogaine), finasteride, or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) might be the more appropriate treatment method. Certain hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Areata don’t respond well to hair transplantation surgeries such as FUE. Another reason to attend a complimentary consultation is to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

What To Do During Your Hair Transplant Consultation

During your consultation, your prospective surgeon should be very interested in you! First off, they should be asking you questions about your health history. This is very important. This step ensures you have no underlying medical conditions that could make FUE unsafe for you. Additionally, they should be asking you questions about your history with hair loss.

For example, when did it begin, and what previous methods you’ve employed for treating your hair loss. They should be asking you questions about your hair restoration goals. What kind of look are you hoping to achieve? Is this a realistic expectation for you? If you are not being asked a lot of questions during your consult, that’s a red flag. They are only looking for a quick buck. They don’t actually care about your health, safety, or the success of your FUE. Don’t be another number and don’t let them treat you like you dont’ matter. You do!

Ethical Hair Transplant Clinics Are Worth Their Weight in Gold 

A sign of an ethical Hair clinic is one that values transparency when it comes to interacting with its prospective patients. You should never be made to feel bad for asking a question, nor should you feel pressured to complete a sale at the end of your consultation. Undergoing FUE is a big decision and we feel it is responsible to encourage patients to take some time to reflect after their consultation before making a final decision. If the LA FUE hair clinic you are consulting with is pressing you to complete an immediate sale, that is a huge red flag that they are not actually confident in the quality of their services.

At Best Hair Transplant we know that we offer the best quality FUE treatments available in the LA area.  It is important to us that our patients feel 100% certain they want to embark on the amazing journey of hair restoration with us. At the end of the day, we want our clients to feel confident that they have made the best decision for them. Even if they choose not to go with us. When attending consultations, always listen to your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right, look into other options.

How Experienced is the Staff at Your LA FUE Hair Clinic?

A green flag to look for when looking for the best LA FUE hair clinic is when the clinic has a long history of operating with a dedicated staff. If there is high staff turnover or the staff appears unhappy when you come in for your consultation those are red flags. Something may be amiss. Wrong. Shady. Sour. People work and stay a job where they feel appreciated. Where they feel respected. Places that give them purpose. That goes for all types of work. And hair clincs are no different in that regard.

Additionally, the hair clinic should be happy to provide you with all the information you require when it comes to the team that will be performing your FUE. Your doctor should be ready to provide you with details about your educational history and professional licenses and credentials.

Some clinics employ doctors who are still technically students when it comes to hair transplantation techniques. We advise that you find a clinic that employs a surgeon that has trained specifically in cosmetic hair restoration techniques and has many years of experience too. They should be happy to point you towards references from past patients too. There’s no reason why a prospective patient should ever be met with defensiveness, condescension, or to have their questions deflected. You have every right to know about the person you are entrusting with your health.

Is the LA FUE Transplant Performed By Hand or With Robotics?

It might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel but it is true, there are many hair clinics that now employ robotics to perform their FUE procedures for them. If the LA FUE clinic you are looking into employs technology such as ARTAS or Neo Graft this means that they rely at least partially on robotics to perform the surgery for them.

At Best Hair Transplant we continue to perform our hair transplantation procedures by hand because we feel it allows us to give extra attention to detail to our client. We also feel that performing this surgery by hand has other advantages for the patient as well. There is less chance of scarring at the donor site, and more follicular grafts will be able to be successfully transplanted. While robotic FUE technology may be faster, faster is not always better. During your consultation ask what kind of tools are employed during your FUE procedure.

What Are Past Patients Saying About the LA FUE Hair Clinic You’re Looking Into?

Does your prospective LA FUE hair clinic have before and after photos you can look through? What about patient testimonials? Learning about the experiences of past patients is a great way to ensure you select a quality clinic. One that can provide you with the results you’ve been longing for. Don’t just look to the clinic’s own website for recommendations. See what past patients say on Yelp. Ask questions in hair loss forums. See if you can find people who have gotten treatment at your LA FUE hair clinic in the past. If the clinic has an abundance of patients happy with the treatment, chances are you will be as well.

Red Flags to Watch Out For When it Comes to Prices at LA FUE Hair Clinics

It’s sad to say but unfortunately, the hair restoration industry has its share of bad actors just like any other. Some clinics use unethical sales tactics or confusing pricing structures. They wind up costing the patient more than they anticipated spending. And of course, that’s by design. Undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure such as FUE is a huge personal investment. Not only is it a large expense to come up with the funds for your procedure but you may also have to budget for travel costs. Time away from work while for recovery should be kept in mind as well. Unfortunately, most insurance carriers do not cover cosmetic procedures like FUE at this time.

During your consultation, your prospective LA FUE hair clinic should be willing to give you a clear estimate for the cost of your procedure. At Best Hair Transplant we believe the per graft pricing structures are the most straightforward way to calculate the cost of a hair transplant. Terms such as graft splitting or cm2 donor area calculation are red flags that it will be hard to get an accurate estimate for the cost of your FUE.

Some LA FUE clinic offices do use per graft pricing, but the price per graft is exorbitantly high. This higher price per graft is nothing more than a status symbol for certain clinics. It does not necessarily mean that the service you’re paying for is superior. These clinics may even try to use scare tactics. Some to try to steer you away from clinics offering more accessible price per graft rates. At Best Hair Transplant we believe hair restoration should be accessible, it is not just a luxury for the super-rich. We intentionally run a lean operation in order to pass on the savings to our valued patients. 

Choose the Right LA FUE Hair Clinic

Choosing the right LA FUE hair clinic is a big decision. That’s why we encourage our prospective patients to do their own research. Consult with multiple clinics. Take your time making their final decision. We want our patients to have the best possible experience, even if it isn’t with us. Additionally, take a look at our client testimonials. You’ll see how many patients are raving about the exceptional service and results they received at Best Hair Transplant. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more.

Best Hair Transplant is the best LA FUE hair clinic to schedule your hair transplant in LA. We’ve helped both men and women regrow their lost hair. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair transplants. To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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