What Does an LA Hair Clinic FUE Cost Per Graft?

March 26, 2021

What does an LA Hair Clinic FUE Cost? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplantation procedure that removes individual hair follicles and transplants them into tiny incisions.

This differs from the strip harvesting technique that is used during Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures. Both methods are effective and permanent solutions for hair loss. Like London’s Harley Street, Beverly Hills is where many of the best hair transplant surgeons operate.

We work around the individual’s unique facial characteristics to ensure facial framing and design a natural hairline that compliments the individual’s facial features.

LA has a reputation for having some of the most gifted plastic surgeons when it comes to FUE treatments. For this reason, people travel to LA from around the world for this and other hair transplantation procedures. So how much does the average LA hair clinic FUE cost?

Transplant surgery can restore lost hair from pattern baldness

What is LA Hair Clinic FUE Cost

The cost of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) at an LA Hair Clinic can vary based on several factors. It’s essential to consider elements such as the clinic’s reputation, the surgeon’s expertise, the number of grafts needed, the facility’s quality, and any additional services provided.

On average, FUE hair transplant costs in Los Angeles can range from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. It’s recommended to consult with the clinic directly, as they can provide a personalized quote based on the individual’s specific needs and expectations. Why you need to know who your hair transplant surgeon is? Why you should avoid clinics without a visible surgeon?

After a transplant vs before Follicular Unit Extraction services

As a leading practice in the field of hair restoration and FUE hair transplant, LA FUE is the best choice for your hair restoration needs.

Understanding the factors influencing the cost can help individuals make informed decisions when considering FUE hair transplant procedures. FUE Hair Clinic decided to transition from his work as a board-certified general surgeon to focus on hair transplant surgery.

Some clinics offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment in combination with a Hair Restoration procedure to hair loss patients for a few years now in our clinic. Not surprisingly, hair restoration procedures have increased by 60% since 2014, according to data from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Why Choose FUE?

Many of our hair transpant clients choose LA FUE for long lasting results to restore thinning hair

Several factors contribute to the cost of an FUE treatment. First, your plastic surgeon needs to determine the proper number of grafts that are to be extracted and the size of the area that is to be transplanted.

FUE hair transplants, which stands for follicular unit extraction, involve moving individual hair follicles from one place to another. His area of focus is FUE hair restoration for both men and women, and his qualifications place him as one of the top US-trained hair surgeons in the entire United States.

At LA FUE we provide a natural looking and the best FUE hair transplant and FUE hair restoration services to clients who suffer from hair loss using the latest technique Follicular Unit Extraction FUE. California has more cosmetic surgeons and higher demand for cosmetic surgery than any other state in the U.S.

Importance of FUE Hair Transplants

How a hair restoration patient may look after hair thickens
  • FUE is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient area.

  • Compared to traditional strip harvesting methods, FUE leaves minimal scarring as it involves extracting individual follicular units one by one. This is particularly beneficial for patients who prefer shorter haircuts.

  • FUE allows for precise placement of hair follicles, resulting in natural-looking hairlines and overall aesthetic outcomes. The technique ensures that the transplanted hair mimics the natural growth pattern.

  • FUE is versatile and can be used for various hair restoration purposes, including treating male pattern baldness, restoring eyebrows or facial hair, and addressing scars from previous surgeries or injuries.

  • Patients undergoing FUE typically experience a quicker recovery time compared to other hair transplant methods. The smaller incisions and reduced trauma to the scalp contribute to a faster healing process.

  • FUE is associated with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. Patients generally experience less pain and a shorter downtime, contributing to an overall more comfortable experience.

  • FUE allows for a high level of customization in terms of the number of grafts and their placement. This customization contributes to achieving the patient’s desired hair density and appearance.

Factors Influencing FUE Hair Transplant Costs

LA Fue hair transplants may be the right before and after improvement photos

Clinic Reputation and Location

Renowned clinics with experienced surgeons may charge higher fees. Costs can vary based on geographical location and the economic status of the region.

Surgeon’s Expertise

Highly skilled and experienced surgeons often charge more for their services. Surgeons with a track record of successful FUE procedures may command higher fees.

Number of Grafts

The total number of grafts required for the transplant significantly influences costs. Larger procedures with more grafts typically come with higher price tags.

Facility and Equipment

State-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment contribute to increased costs. Modern, well-equipped clinics may charge more for their services.

Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery, including procedures like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is a transformative solution for individuals dealing with hair loss.

These procedures involve the meticulous transplantation of hair follicles from donor areas to targeted balding or thinning regions, achieving a natural-looking result.

FUE hair transplant patient after hair loss surgery with platelet rich plasma injections

The cost of hair restoration surgery can vary widely, depending on factors such as the clinic’s reputation, the surgeon’s expertise, and the extent of the procedure. Despite the potential costs, many individuals find the investment worthwhile for the long-lasting, natural results it can provide.

Advanced technologies and surgical approaches continue to enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of hair restoration surgery as a solution for regaining a fuller head of hair.

Hair Transplant Repairs

A skilled hair transplant doctor can help you achieve amazing results with LA FUE hair restoration

Hair transplant repairs are specialized procedures aimed at correcting or improving the results of previous hair transplantation surgeries. These repairs address issues such as unnatural hairline appearance, inadequate density, or scarring from previous procedures.

The process may involve redistributing existing grafts, adding new ones, or utilizing advanced techniques to camouflage scars. The success of hair transplant repairs depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon, the nature of the initial procedure, and the patient’s individual factors.

While repair procedures may incur additional costs, they offer a chance for individuals unsatisfied with previous results to achieve a more satisfactory outcome.

Common LA Hair Clinic FUE Cost

For patients experiencing hair loss, choose a FUE hair clinic near Beverly Hills

Throughout the LA area, there is a huge range of prices for FUE treatments. They can start as low as $6,000 and climb to over $20,000. At other clinics, some of these costs are due to the high overhead of the clinic and are not necessarily a reflection of the quality of treatments.

At our Best Hair Transplant Clinic, we keep our overhead costs at a level that makes it possible for our services to be accessible to our patients. Many clinics set their prices per graft. This can range between $7-$18 per graft.

We do our best to accommodate any budget. Some patients choose to do their FUT transplants in stages in order to spread the cost out over a few years.

This can be a good way to see how your body responds to the treatment and what you can expect in terms of future results. Some hair transplant clinics also offer financing options. We also offer discounts for cash payments as well.

Traveling for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Two friends discuss FUE hair transplant surgery over coffee

Other factors to consider when planning your budget for your FUE are any associated travel costs. You will need to think about the cost of your flight, accommodation, meals, and any other self-care necessities while you recuperate.

While recovery from FUE hair transplant surgery is less arduous than recovering from a FUT procedure, your plastic surgeon may wish that you remain in the area for a few days after the procedure. At your follow-up appointments, your doctor will check to make sure the new follicles are thriving and that you are healing well.

Booking Your Appointment

Our hair transplant surgeon can help you achieve amazing resuls from your transpalnt

Scheduling a free consultation with our Hair Transplant Specialists is the best way to determine whether FUE is the best procedure to give you the results you desire, while also respecting your financial needs.

These consultations can be scheduled either in person or virtually. Virtual consultations are a great way to reduce travel expenses as you decide your next best steps. We recognize that investing in yourself on this level is a big decision and we are committed to delivering the outstanding results that you deserve.

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