At-Home Laser Hair Growth Los Angeles

November 9, 2021

At-home laser hair growth Los Angeles treatments are comfortable and easy thanks to low-level laser therapy. Laser hair growth Los Angeles hair clinics are now offering this non-invasive treatment in addition to more traditional offerings like hair transplant surgery. While hair transplantation is extremely effective, it can be cost-prohibitive for some patients. Low-level laser therapy with laser caps such as the Capillus RX 312 can either be used as an alternative to hair transplantation surgery, or as a complementary therapy in addition to transplant.

Hair Transplants Are The Best Option

There are two different methods employed for hair transplantation surgery. The first is follicular unit transplantation (FUT). FUT involves the removal of a small strip of the scalp at the back of the head in order to harvest follicular grafts. Once the strip of the scalp has been removed the follicular grafts are removed are prepared for transplantation in the recipient area of the scalp. The second method of hair transplantation is follicular unit extraction (FUE). With FUE the hair grafts are extracted by the surgeon individually through the use of a micro punch tool. With both surgeries, the method of transplanting the follicular grafts is the same. Both surgeries have low risks of complication and high success rates. 

FUE is generally more expensive as it is a more time-consuming procedure, but there is less discomfort in the recovery phase. The main downside to FUE is that hair in the donor area must be shaved close to the scalp to extract the individual hairs. If a patient does not want to lose any hair length, this method may not be the best choice for them. With FUT, the hair does not need to be shaved at the donor site. However, the patient needs stitches at the incision site. This may result in a little bit of discomfort during the initial healing stage. While there will be some faint horizontal scars left behind at the incision sites, they are easily hidden by any surrounding hair.

Are These Procedures Right For Me? 

Deciding which procedure is most appropriate for you is something you can discuss with our team during your complimentary consultation. During your consultation, your doctor will examine your scalp to make sure you have enough hair to transplant, as well as listen to your health history to make sure that you are a good candidate for surgery. Most hair clinics price their services by the graft. At Best Hair Transplant we offer the best per-graft pricing in the Los Angeles area. Most clinics charge anywhere from $6-18 per graft by comparison.

At Best Hair Transplant we are passionate about making hair restoration services as accessible as possible. We intentionally run a lean operation in order to pass on maximum savings to our customers. During your consultation, we will always give you honest estimates. If your budget cannot cover the number of grafts needed to achieve your desired look, we’ll tell you the truth. The last thing we want to do is have you spend money on results that you will be unhappy with. Some patients may choose to undergo transplants in multiple stages in order to stretch their budget further.

At-Home Laser Hair Growth Los Angeles Treatments

If hair transplantation is cost-prohibitive, a great alternative is low-level laser hair therapy with the Capillus RX 312. This device contains the highest number of prescription-grade laser diodes of any laser cap device on the market. The Capillus RX 312 has clinical studies behind it.  This device has been shown to improve hair growth, and prevent further hair loss.

A recent double-blind study that can be found on shows just how effective the Capillus RX 312 can be. After just 16 weeks, 95% of the non-placebo device participants saw increased hair growth. They also noticed an increased hair density of 51%. On top of that, there were no adverse side effects reported.

The Capillus RX 312 only requires 6 minutes a day for treatments. The hair restoration laser cap comes with a rechargeable portable battery pack and can be worn on the go. Its flexible, hypo-allergenic cap is comfortable, lightweight, and fits easily underneath a baseball cap. This makes wearing your laser cap, easy and discreet.

Hair Transplants Go Great With Laser Hair Growth Los Angeles Treatments

If you do decide to undergo hair transplantation surgery, low-level laser therapy is a great treatment to incorporate into your daily routine. After you complete the initial healing stage, you can begin low-level laser therapy treatments. This can help your newly transplanted hair follicle grafts to thrive. It is also effective for preventing further hair loss, preserving your remaining natural hair.

Low-level laser therapy increases circulation to the scalp and improves the cell metabolism in the hair follicle. It stimulates the production of melanin, which is responsible for producing pigment in the hair, meaning that if you may see less gray as your new hair grows in. Laser caps such as the Capillus RX 312 also stimulate the sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing the skin and hair’s natural oils. In doing so you may experience improved texture and shine as well as less breakage of the hair. 

As you can see, with or without a hair transplant, there are lots of great reasons to consider low-level laser therapy with the Capillus RX 312 as part of your hair restoration treatment plan. We are happy to answer all your questions. During your consultation, the doctor examines your hair and scalp. Additionally, they’ll discuss your hair history and discuss appropriate treatment options. At Best Hair transplant we are passionate about restoring our patient’s hair. Schedule your consultation today to learn how we can help you reach your hair goals.


Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your hair transplant in Los Angeles. We’ve helped both men and women regrow their lost hair. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair transplants.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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