Should You Get a Buzz Cut After FUE Transplants?

July 21, 2021

A question we often hear during consultations is, “should I get a buzz cut after FUE transplants?” The in-between stage after hair transplant surgery but before the new hair has grown in presents some unique questions. Our patients often have a lot of questions and concerns about how to style their hair during this transitional phase. Ultimately these are the things to consider when contemplating a buzz cut after FUE.

Getting A Buzz Cut After FUE

If you are considering a buzz cut you are likely wanting your hair to be even in length on the sides and top while the new hair is growing in. If you have an FUE transplant surgery, it will take at least 14 days for the scalp of the donor area to heal, sometimes longer. After the initial healing is over, many surgeons still advise against shaving your entire head. 

Hair clippers and razors are not sterile, especially in a barbershop environment. If there is any scabbing or raw skin, contact with non-sterile instruments could cause an infection. This could cause catastrophic results, especially for the fragile newly transplanted hair grafts. Initially, these follicles will be very delicate initially. 

While modern hair transplant procedures result in minimal scarring, there will be some visible scarring in the initial weeks after. The shorter you cut your hair, the more likely these scars will be visible. As long as your scalp is well healed, deciding whether to get a buzz cut will come down to personal preference. It will depend on how comfortable you feel with your scars being visible.

Don’t Rush Into a Buzz Cut After FUE

It is best to do a post-operative review with your surgeon to assess how well your scalp is healing after surgery. This is to ensure that your follicular grafts have fully shed and that the process is on track. It takes at least 14 days for the scalp to seal in the newly transplanted hair.

Scheduling your review between 2-4 weeks after your transplant is a good way to assess whether your scalp has healed to the point where it is safe to get a buzz cut. What you want to avoid is prematurely exposing the transplant site before the grafts have been shed. This can cause irreversible damage and leave you with sub-optimal results.

It is also important to keep in mind that transplanted hair typically goes through a shock loss phase about 2 months post-procedure. This is when the hair from the transplanted graphs is shed to make way for new growth. From there it can take anywhere from 6-9 months post-procedure for the new hair to grow and fill in.

This is important to remember is you are interested in a buzz cut because it provides a uniform length during the in-between stage. However, keeping in mind that experiencing shock loss is normal, this hair loss may look more obvious with the rest of your hair shaved.

We Know What It’s Like

We understand that the in-between stage can feel a little bit awkward and requires a lot of patience. You and your surgeon can discuss other methods of concealing the appearance of your transplant such as hair concealers, hairpieces, and wigs if you are feeling self-conscious.

Usually, these methods may be employed about 2 weeks after surgery. Many hair transplant surgeons will advise that you wait to get a buzz cut for as long as possible following surgery. At the bare minimum, they would advise waiting for at least a month. The longer you wait, the better chance your newly transplanted hair follicles have of flourishing.


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