Can I Wear a Hat After My Hair Transplant Procedure?

January 31, 2021

We Get It

A lot of patients want to know whether or not they can wear a hat after their hair transplant procedure. The question is common because the scalp looks pretty weird right after you receive a hair transplant. And because of this, people are self-conscious. And for good reason. First off, they don’t want to walk around looking generally weird. And if you’ve ever seen a freshly-completed hair transplant, you know it looks a bit odd. Secondly, they may not want anyone to know they received a hair transplant in the first place.

Again, we completely understand a patient’s desire to wear a hat after their procedure. Like we said, if you’ve seen images taken right after a hair transplant, it looks pretty obvious what’s been done. Because we make hundreds to thousands of punctures between the donor area and transplant area when performing an FUE procedure, you’ll have circular punch holes in the back of your head as well as the top. Furthermore, if you choose to have a FUT procedure, you’ll have actually removed a portion of the back of your scalp to act as the donor area. As a result, you’ll have a linear scar that will be visible.

Of course, these scars will all heal up, but like any incision, this can take some time. Meanwhile, you’re left with a pretty strange-looking head. With that said, many patients aren’t too excited about showing off their recent hair transplant to the world. After all, most people who get a hair transplant are extremely self-conscious about their hair loss. They may not want to tell the world that they just got a hair transplant, any more than someone who just got a nose job, liposuction, or a gastric bypass procedure wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Can I Wear a Hat After I Leave the Office?

So now for the million-dollar question… Can you wear a hat after getting your hair transplant? We’ll explore that question more below, as there are really two questions and answers we need to address. The first is “can I wear a hat after leaving the hair transplant clinic?”

Despite the fact that you may be embarrased or self-conscious about your transplant, you should not wear a hat after you leave the office. And before we get too deep into why that is, we’d just like to say this… you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about your choice to get a hair transplant. You should be excited! You’ve taken the plunge and made a huge decision to better your life! Anyone who cares about you will support that decision and will be excited for you too. Yes, you make look at bit strange right afterwards, but that will pass quickly and you’re going to look amazing really soon. So try not to let it bother you too much.

With that said, our words may not be enough to comfort you and you may still have a desire to conceal proof of your recent transplant procedure. However, you need to understand that patients who try to wear a hat after leaving the office may damage the follicles. Doing so can compress, damage, or displace your grafts. Again, while we understand that it may not be the answer you were hoping for, wearing a hat directly after your procedure is strongly advised against. If you are 100% not ok with showing your transplant directly after surgery, please wear the loosest head covering possible and for an extremely limited amount of time.

Can I Wear a Hat After I Heal Up?

Wearing a hat should not be attempted until at least two weeks after you complete your hair transplant. While some patients heal faster than others, this is the best rule of thumb. Additionally, be careful about wearing clothing that must be pulled over the head and bulky headphones. The same goes for motorcycle and bicycle helmets. They can also cause damage. Furthermore, you may want to consult with your hair transplant doctor to ensure your grafts have taken root and your scalp is healing properly. Ensuring you take these recommendations to heart will allow you to achieve the long-term hair restoration goals you’re looking for.

However, once you’ve been cleared by your hair restoration physician, you can begin to wear hats again. We still recommend avoiding any hats that are tight until the grafts have taken root and have a chance to begin to grow properly. Additionally, we recommend avoiding hats and beanies made of cotton, as they may stick to your scalp. Furthermore, ensuring that your hat is clean is of the utmost importance. You’ll want to avoid creating any chances of unnecessary infections. Should you choose to wear a hat, make sure to wash it regularly, especially if you’re still early in the healing process. If you get sweat, stains, or blood on it, clean it immediately (preferably with a scent and color-free natural detergent. This will help avoid further irritation of the scalp.

Finally, it is still advised that you not wear a hat for too long. It’s best to allow your grafts to grow without being smashed or concealed. Give them the ability to thrive during the first few months and we promise you’ll be glad you took these extra precautions when you begin to see the long-term results.


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