Why FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Patients Keep Returning

August 28, 2022

Advise for FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Patients

Fue hair transplant Los Angeles patients are raving about Best Hair Transplant. Located in Redondo Beach, CA Best Hair transplant has over 16 years of experience providing Fue hair transplant Los Angeles patients with top-tier hair restoration services. Our new patients often come to us as referrals from past patients who were happy with the quality of care and high-value service they received. As a hair clinic, we prioritize quality, value, and safety for our patients. Our many positive testimonials reflect this. 

At Best Hair Transplant we believe in educating our patients about the ins and outs of hair loss and hair restoration. We feel that the more our patients understand this complex subject the better equipped they are to advocate for themselves. Additionally, we want our patients to make the best decisions available, even if it’s not with us. We also feel it’s very important to help our patients recognize how to spot a clinic that is qualified to provide the level of service that FUE hair transplant Los Angeles patients deserve. That’s why we also feel it’s important to warn our patients about unscrupulous practices in the hair restoration industry, in order to protect them from substandard care.

Being the Best FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Patients You Can Be

If you do a cursory search of hair clinics you’ll find dramatic before and after photos. This is unfortunate but not every hair clinic uses photos of their own patients to promote themselves. Others don’t show the in-between stage of what a transplant looks like setting up patients for unreasonable expectations. It can take anywhere from 9 to 12 months for the transplanted hair to grow in. It is important that you see consistent backgrounds, well-lit photos, and multiple angled shots of the same patient at different stages of their hair restoration journey. There should be photos of them before surgery, as well as immediately post-surgery, during the initial healing stage, and then finally a year or more post-surgery. The timeframes should also be clearly labeled. 

Some hair clinics claim a 99% success rate, or you similar words to boast their results. But some of these clinics use very broad criteria to define success, regardless of how the patient feels about the final result. Patients would tend to define success by how full and natural their hair winds up looking. Poorly performed procedures include grafts transplanted in a direction that does not flow with the patient’s natural hair. While technically this graft survived transplantation and therefore could be considered a “success”, its improper placement makes the transplant look unnatural. Furthermore, it leave the patient with a “much-to-be-desired feeling. They may end up completely unhappy that they did not get the results they were promised. And we don’t blame them.

Check Patient Reviews of LA Hair Clinics

Positive Experiences at Best Hair Transplants

We always recommend to prospective FUE hair transplant Los Angeles patients that it is helpful to do their due diligence and research the surgeons and hair clinics they are considering ahead of time. Check out their reviews on Google and Yelp. We at Best Hair Transplant are proud to say that we have all 5-star reviews on Google. Our patients praise us for our responsive office staff, the high level of attention they receive from our surgeon, and their final result.  Recent patient Abigale H says, “I’ve seen other places just won’t get you in the chair, which turned me away… I am so glad I found this clinic. They will take care of you and keep you informed of everything you need to know about hair restoration along your entire journey. I will continue to recommend them to family and friends.”

FUE hair transplant Los Angeles patients consistently rave about our quality of service, another former patient  Lauren E writes, “I am Extremely satisfied with the whole experience. Walked in a nervous wreck not knowing what to expect as far as pain but the staff was great at reassuring & was very friendly and comforting.” Our patients report great interactions with all members of our team, Thomas D writes, “From my first call to the end of the service, I felt confident I had made the right choice. I set up a consultation with Rob, and went in for my meeting.” We certainly are proud to have so many happy patients that have passed through our doors.

Negative Experiences From Other Clinics

Unfortunately, if you comb the reviews for hair clinics in the LA area you will also find stores from FUE hair transplant Los Angeles patients that are absolutely heartbreaking. Realself.com is a social media network for plastic surgery patients where verified buyers can review cosmetic procedures as well as provide feedback on the surgeons who cared for them. Sadly some of these patients will have to deal with permanent damage to their hair and scalp due to poorly performed transplants.

Shady Sales Tactics

A patient in Los Gatos, CA reported that the surgeon at the clinic where he received his transplant left him with a lot of visible scaring, but that’s just the start of it. According to the patient, “He also actually tried to upsell me while I was on drugs in the middle of the procedure for something he told me was included before we even had the surgery.”

Hairline Placed Too Low

Another patient in Los Gatos had such a bad transplant experience that they will have to pay for a second transplant in hopes of correcting their first one, “ He put my hairline too low and the hairs were in the wrong direction. Most of the hairs grew out of bumps and I had a cobblestone scalp. I also woke up during the procedure and was in extreme pain. Maybe I’m the unlucky few to get bad results? But now I’ve had to remove the hairs. Now am left with scarring on my forehead and most likely will need to find a new doctor to cover up what he did.”

Big Box, Big Failure

Think you’ll be safer at a big corporate chain hair transplant clinic? Not necessarily. Some patients that attend big-name chain clinics still see bad results. One patient in Arizona reported, “ Overall cost for 2000 grafts & room reservation was a little over 9k. A week after the consultation I went forward with the procedure. 2,300 grafts were retrieved, and the extra 300 grafts received from the donor site were implanted for “free”. The transplant took about 8-9 hours.

The end result was a very scattered hairline and only a few grafts were placed where the agreed line was drawn. Around 1000 grafts were placed in front of my original hairline. More than half of my grafts ended up placed on the top of my head where did not ask for nor need them to be. My hairline was still very high, and my temples were still thin. There was a subtle improvement. I would not have paid 9k for the results I received. Since then I’ve had a 2nd procedure elsewhere with satisfying results.” 

Some patients may require multiple transplants if they have a large area of the scalp that needs coverage. Other patients who catch their problem early could be fine with one surgery. This is something determined by your doctor. A skilled and competent surgeon will tell you this immediately. It’s something that should be presented to you right away. Certainly, either way, you should get what you pay for and what was agreed upon. It’s absolutely unacceptable that patients pay almost 10k for a transplant. Then, they end up having to pay another clinic to repair the damage.

Another Unhappy Big Box Patient

This isn’t the only patient that was unhappy with their experience at this big box clinic. One patient noted, “it was definitely humiliating and humbling to work hard and save for this procedure. We understand this for sure. Can you imagine how he felt when he said he “only to get poor results”?

1) Received a very visible – wide strip scar.

2) Out of 2000 donor grafts used – around 10-15% took hold and grew ( using Minoxidil).

3) The limited hair that did grow were placed/all grew straight up vertically – Unlike my natural hair which is angled. Transplanted hair looks pluggy and sparse.”

He goes on to say, “[the clinic] offered me FUE and SMP options to fix scar and Frontal area. To me – It was not a good idea to use their service again. One who caused a problem can not solve it.”

Local LA Hair Clinic Failures

Reading through these bad transplant reviews shocked us that these botched transplants occur at a competing clinic in our own backyard! We found a string of troubling reviews about another clinic also located in Redondo Beach. One patient said “I did not get to see [the doctor] until after his staff had already sedated me for surgery. I was not able to give final informed consent about the hairline that was drawn. This is supposed to be the norm according to my consults with other physicians. The outcome of surgery thus far has been subpar. I consulted other physicians in hopes of repairing what seems to have been poor work. They all concur that the work was designed and executed poorly.“

There were several other negative reviews of this same clinic and surgeon that described things to a similar effect. We at Best Hair Transplant are absolutely appalled by negative reviews such as this.

There’s A Lot to Learn for FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Patients

We know it is a huge undertaking for a person to set aside the time and money to get a hair transplant. That’s why we commit to see our FUE hair transplant Los Angeles patients receive the highest level of care. Our final results demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We’re happy to provide you with referrals and contact info of past patients. We also provide detailed before and after photos.

Our chief surgeon specializes in complex wound closures and reconstructive surgery. Additionally, he trained under some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about our clinic and our services, book a complimentary consultation today. Come find out why FUE hair Los Angeles patients are raving about Best Hair Transplant!


Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your hair transplant in Los Angeles. We’ve helped both men and women regrow their lost hair. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair transplants.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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