What Are the Results of a Beard Transplant After 1 Week?

September 14, 2020

Full beards are appealing to both women and men. I personally have thin, patchy facial hair that doesn’t even connect all the way, like a young Keanu Reeves or the character Joe Dirt. I cannot grow a full beard. Sometimes I rock a mustache and pseudo-goatee. However, it’s just not the same. If you’re one of the many men considering a facial hair transplant, you may find yourself wondering how soon to expect results. Let’s take a look at what the typical person can expect from their beard transplant after 1 week.

Beard Transplants After 1 Week

The hair is harvested from another part of your head, like the back of your neck or even the front of it (I know I suffer from a bit of neck-beard if I don’t maintain it). The area donating the hair is called the donor area. Makes sense, right?

The operation generally lasts 4-5 hours, and no overnight stay is required. You can go right home afterward. It is crucial to rest for those first 3 days after your beard transplant, to prevent infection and allow your body to heal properly. 

The beard areas receiving the transplant will swell and redden. Additionally, you may even notice swelling in your lips. You may experience sensitivity or mild bruising at the harvested donor area. It will also likely get crusty. This may last only a few days for some, or as long as the first week of beard transplant. It will be itchy but you must not scratch, peel, or otherwise irritate your skin. Try not to touch your beard for 1 week. No sense in ruining it.

Taking Care of Your Beard Transplant

Well, what about washing it? Most surgeons say not to wash your face or the donor area until 1 week after beard transplant, or until all crusts have fallen off. Your surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic or antibiotic ointment to use on the donor area. 

Some surgeons recommend massaging your beard transplant after 1 week. Unlike scratching or peeling, massaging may help get rid of crusts and scabs in a manner that will actually help stimulate your new beard’s growth.

Additionally, avoid unnecessary physical activities for the first 2 weeks. Your body needs all its energy, with as little stress as possible. Furthermore, refrain from alcohol for 2 weeks, to protect blood platelets and reduce swelling. If you’re a smoker, resist it. Smoking constricts blood vessels, decreasing blood flow. Beards need proper circulation to grow, especially new beards. 

It’s recommended not to shave for a while (your surgeon will tell you when), but scissor trimming should be safe after 2 weeks, and should be used the first few months. This next side effect can be alarming, but it is perfectly normal to see shedding 2-3 weeks after beard transplant. Don’t worry – it will regrow.

It will take 3-12 months to see full results, so be patient, stay current on any follow-up appointments, and follow any instructions your surgeon gives you. For many, this is an exciting transition period. While it may seem tedious, it will doubtlessly prove worth it!

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