What Results Can I Expect from an FUE Hair Transplant 6 Months After?

February 8, 2021

“Wow, it’s been 6 months and I have to admit, my hair changed soooo much!!! Thank you so much!!!! It was the best decision that I made and it was thanks to you and your team.”


I’m telling you, nothing makes us happier when we hear things like this. No joke, it really does bring a smile to our faces when patients see real, tangible results from their hair transplant procedures. But it’s important to remeber that not everyone is the same. We all heal differently and respond to treatments in different ways. Therefore, it’s always important to have realistic hair restoration expectations.

It’s important to go easy on yourself, follow directions, and maintain a positive attitude. Hair transplantation is a long process but one that’s always worth the effort. Everyone will see different growth results, patterns and thickness with a FUE hair transplant 6 months after. But never doubt that this is the best hair restoration decision you can make. And Best Hair Transplant is here to see you through the process every step of the way.

FUE Hair Transplant 6 Months After Results

It’s important to have realistic expectations for what the typical recovery timeline is like. Don’t expect to suddenly sprout waist length hair. The process of establishing new hair follicles requires time and patience. Here’s what you can expect after your FUE hair transplant 6 month after your treatment. 

The first thing to understand is that hair at the donor site will need to be cut to 2 millimeters in length. So if you like wearing your hair long, you may want to consider FUT instead. During a FUE procedure the surgeon will remove hair grafts from individual sites and then make a tiny incision to transplant the donor follicles. After surgery the scalp may be tender for several days, but recovery should go fairly swiftly. 

The new transplanted follicles will begin to grow immediately, however is it completely normal for most, if not all of the transplanted hair to fall out within two months. This is just part of the regrowth process. After about 4 months you will start to see new hair at the transplant site. You can expect your hair to grow about ¼ inch per month. 

You will see a noticeable difference between 6-7 months post-op. Everyone is different but most people will see full regrowth after 18 months. It can be helpful to take photos monthly to document your progress. Sometimes it can be hard to see that change is happening when we’re looking at our own reflection every day. However, before and after photos will reveal that significant regrowth is occurring.

Follow Your Doctor’s Reccomendations 

Your doctor may also recommend the use of minoxidil, or Rogaine to encourage hair growth. Vitamins that support hair growth, drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet are all things you can incorporate into your daily routine to support new growth. Finding activities and support systems to minimize stress, which can be a contributing factor to hair loss, can also be helpful. 

You should also consult with your doctor about what shampoos and styling products you are using. Some products may contain ingredients that contribute to hairloss, especially low cost drug store products. You want to make sure that your scalp is a healthy environment for the new follicles to grow and thrive. While it is a myth that wearing hats causes hair loss, making sure to give the scalp lots of fresh air will be beneficial. 

Though it does take time and patience, the long term results are worth the wait. As your natural hair regrows month by month you will be amazed at the changes in no time. And the best part is that the result will look so natural that no one will be able to tell you had surgery as time progresses. Patience combined with good self care practices will maximize your results.


Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your FUE hair transplant in Los Angeles. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, we pride ourselves on helping our patients choose the best procedure for them. Do your homework. Research your hair restoration doctor. After all, not all doctors are equal. For your benefit, ask to see “Before & After” photos.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair restoration procedures.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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