Best Questions to Ask Before You Contact an FUE LA Hair Transplant Clinic

August 5, 2022

Before You Contact an FUE LA Hair Transplant Clinic

If you are struggling with thinning hair, hair loss, or balding you may be fed up with over-the-counter treatment options. Perhaps you’ve tried a topical treatment such as shampoo or taken some trendy supplement that promises to restore your lost growth. If you’ve felt let down by the false promises of some of these products, you may be considering a permanent solution and looking into an FUE LA hair transplant clinic.

Hair transplant surgery has evolved a lot in recent decades, they provide lasting results and have very high rates of success. However, not every clinic operates with the same level of ethics and effectiveness. Here are the best questions to ask before you enter that FUE LA hair transplant clinic.

Ask These Questions Before Booking an FUE LA Hair Transplant Clinic?

“Will the Chief Surgeon Perform My Surgery?”

It may shock you to learn that not all hair transplant surgeries are performed by an actual doctor. In fact, some clinics employ technicians or surgeons in training. What’s worse is that some of these clinics do not disclose this information to their patients. While it is completely normal for your surgeon to have assistants who work under the supervision of the doctor, you should receive a clear answer as far as the extent of your surgeon’s participation in your procedure from start to finish. FUE hair transplant surgery is a time-consuming procedure, in which the follicular grafts are removed individually using a small micropunch tool. The surgical team supports the surgeon as they lead them through the delicate process of extracting the grafts, cleaning them, and preparing them for transplantation. 

Another good way to get an idea of how active a role your surgeon will be playing in your FUE procedure is to ask them how many FUE transplants they perform in a day. DUE to the time-consuming and delicate nature of this surgery, it would be physically impossible for them to perform more than two surgeries a day. Even then, it would depend on the extent of the patient’s overall hair loss. If this FUE LA hair transplant clinic boasts that their doctor can perform multiple surgeries a day, this is a sign that much of the work is handed off to technicians or trainees, who do not have the level of medical competency as a university-trained doctor.

“Does the Chief Surgeon Have Appropriate Qualifications to Perform FUE LA Hair Transplant Surgery?”

Where did your doctor receive their medical degree? Is their background include training in skills necessary to perform a successful FUE? Have they trained specifically in reconstructive surgery or under other plastic surgeons that regularly perform FUE? Are they a standing member of ISHRS or ABHRS, to organizations that recognize qualified hair transplant surgeons, in the interest of consumer safety and protection? Take a look at the patient reviews of the doctor online. What are past patients saying? During your consultation, it is perfectly appropriate to request referrals and contact info from past patients so that you can get insights into what their experiences were like. Do their final results match up with your desired outcome? 

“Am I a Good Candidate For FUE Transplants?”

FUE transplants have high success rates, however, they still are not suitable for everyone. Certain causes of hair loss such as alopecia areata would not respond well to this treatment. It is also important that you have enough healthy hair follicles to graft for your transplant. Generally, the follicular grafts are removed from a donor area where the hair is nice and dense, like the back of the patient’s head. If you are in the advanced stages of hair loss, it is possible that there just won’t be enough grafts available to give you a completely new head of hair. 

Conversely, if you are in the very early stages of hair loss, there may be some less invasive treatment options that can slow the progression of thinning hair. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with prescription grade laser diodes such as the CapillusRX or topical medications such as minoxidil are two examples of nonsurgical treatments for thinning hair. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you which treatment options are most appropriate, and how to prevent severe hair loss in the future if you are in the early stages now.

“Will FUE LA Hair Transplant Clinic Surgery Last Forever?” 

It will take between 9 months to a year for a patient to see visible growth and increased density at the transplant site. These procedures are designed to last a lifetime. However, whether or not you require a second surgery will depend on the extent of your hair loss prior to surgery. Its odds of long-term success also increase when performed by a competent surgeon, coupled with exemplary aftercare on the part of the patient. Some surgeons have a limit on how many grafts they will transplant in a single procedure so that they can preserve the viability of the grafts. During your consultation, your doctor should be able to give you an estimate of how many grafts will be necessary to achieve your desired look, as well as a timeline of how many surgeries would be necessary to transplant them. 

“What Are My Options if I’m Not Happy With the Result of the Transplant?”

Because FUE is a serious medical procedure, and every patient is different, it is impossible to guarantee that each person will experience the same outcome from FUE. The long-term success of your FUE will depend on how well you take care of your hair and scalp. In the weeks following surgery you will need to refrain from smoking, participating in vigorous exercise, swimming, wearing any type of headgear such as a hat or a helmet, or exposing your scalp to UV rays from the sun.

Failure to follow proper aftercare instructions can disturb the delicate new grafts, and in rare and extreme instances, can lead to scarring or infection. Ask the FUE LA hair transplant clinic what their protocol is when a patient’s results fall short of their expectations. Some clinics may offer touch-up sessions or offer a biopsy to determine why the grafts failed. Any recourse you are promised should also be offered in writing on any contracts you sign prior to surgery. Make sure you read all the fine print carefully. 

“Is This FUE LA Hair Transplant Clinic Transparent About Prices?”

Some clinics use vague terms when marketing their clinics that make it very unclear when it comes to the final cost of surgery. Some clinics market lowball offers that are too good to be true and pressure patients to add on a bunch of extra services and products to increase the final price. Others use terms like “graft splitting” or they price by the square inch to make it sound like you a paying for more hair than you actually are. The clearest, straightforward pricing structure is per whole graft pricing. Each follicular graft contains anywhere from 4-12 hairs depending on a person’s genetics. There is no reason to subject the grafts to unnecessary transections due to splitting.

By the end of your consultation, you should have an accurate estimate as far as how much you could expect to pay for a transplant, and how much area of scalp you can expect the transplanted hair to cover.

A Final Word of Advice 

Finding an FUE LA hair transplant clinic that is right for you can feel a little bit overwhelming at first. Be patient with yourself and give yourself lots of time to research your options. Can the information given by the FUE LA hair transplant clinic be confirmed by non-biased sources? Is the surgeon able to provide you with credentials that demonstrate their competency and experience performing this procedure? Can they provide you with referrals from past patients? What do the online reviews say? You will not regret doing too much research, but you can bet there are people who received botched transplants who wish they had done more research on their clinic prior to surgery.

A final good piece of advice is to pay attention to how you feel during your office visit. Does the space feel clean and well cared for? Are the office staff friendly and approachable? Does the surgeon seem interested in learning about you? They should be interested to learn all about you and your health background in order to protect your safety and ensure that you’re a good candidate for a successful surgery.

You should not feel pressured to make a final decision to complete a sale at the end of your consultation. High-pressure sales tactics are a red flag, indicating that this clinic might engage in other unscrupulous practices. If something just doesn’t feel right, listen to that feeling. Take your time. Research extensively. Finally, seek out multiple opinions until you feel you’ve made the best possible choice for you when it comes to selecting the right FUE LA hair transplant clinic.


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