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March 26, 2021

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, haven’t you? Getting a hair transplant. But like most people, you’ve got some reservations. And who can blame you? While calling for a hair transplant free consultation is as easy as dialing a phone number, there’s so much more to consider before making that next step.

You have to consider where you are in life. Where you’ve been. What you’ve been through. Where things are headed from here. And that’s a lot of thinking. A lot to rehash. Sometimes our patients have assessed all this stuff long before arriving at our business. Others, possibly like yourself, are either just beginning to consider hair transplant surgery, or may be completely new to the idea.

Either way, reaching for your hair transplant free consultation is the best step you can take to make your hair restoration goals a reality. But we get it, it’s not that easy for most people. And I know that taking the surgical plunge is can be a tough choice to make for so many reasons.

Reaching Out for a Free Hair Transplant Consultation

This is a 100% free service that will allow us to gauge whether you’re a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure, as well as allow us to manage your expectations to ensure your results are exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like a preliminary photo evaluation for hair restoration surgery that is conducted via email and is complimentary, please discuss by filling out the form. For a telephonic consultation, kindly initiate the process by uploading an image with a maximum file size of 200 MB. Following this, you can proceed to schedule a consultation.

We are delighted to share the news that we’ve implemented across-the-board price reductions for all our surgical procedures, including both FUE and FUT hair transplants. Our team has helped many patients suffering from hair loss, which often coincides with feeling less confident.

My Personal Surgery Story

Surgical intervention weight loss surgery

While I’ve been lucky enough to have a strong, healthy head of hair my entire life, I’ve had my own struggles. Not with hair, but with weight. And I think I can relate… even more so, in fact. You see, I’ve been overweight my whole life. I started dieting at the age of six. Yes… six years old. And I’ve struggled for 30 solid years now. During that time, I had my ups and downs. Tried diet after diet. Did good for a while, did bad, and got even worse.

For the vast majority of hair loss sufferers, hair loss is not something you can control easily. You’re not addicted to hair loss like I am to food. So unless you’re suffering from trichotillomania, you’re at least in control of your hair loss in a psychological and emotional way.

You don’t have to sit around hating on yourself while you pull your hair out and make the problem worse. Thank your lucky stars for that one, because it sucks. And you may understand this too. After all, obesity is a huge problem (pun intended) in the United States.

bathroom scale, libra, weight

For anyone who’s suffered with weight issues at any point in their lives, you may understand the pain that comes with it. The sense of helplessness. The sense of failure every time you revert or relapse after doing well. Or the depression that comes with constantly feeling like your life is out of control. So, when it comes to choosing a surgical option to help fix the problem, my feelings were ones of utter failure.

I felt like I had been failing for 30 years, I was weak, helpless, and had no choice but to give up all control, admit complete defeat, and chop off my stomach to solve my moral failings. I even opted out half way through the program at first because I wanted to try again myself and avoid surgery. Again, I failed and gained 45 more pounds over six months.

You May Relate To This

belly, body, clothes

Finally, I gave in, got the surgery, and it was the best decision of my life. One I wish I had gotten 20 years before. Nearly two years later, I am happier, healthier, and my life has improved significantly in every possible way. My point here is that when you’re trying to make a big change and you have a variety of choices, it’s best to assess the facts and see which option is best for you in the long term.

Would you rather yo-you up and down in weight, chase fad diets, and go through emotional hell? Would you rather dump thousands of dollars into pills, creams, old wives’ tales, strange products, and fail over and over to grow your hair back? Or would you rather stop the madness and get back to living your life? For me, the choice is now clear. Take the plunge and revel in the long-term happiness it can offer you.

Ready For Your Hair Transplant Free Consultation?

A hair transplant physician may be able to help restore your natural hairline

If what I’ve said here makes sense to you (and I hope that exposing some very personal information about myself has), then I’d love for you to take my advice and schedule a hair transplant free consultation with our team.

Again, while I can’t personally speak to your pain, I know how you feel and I know that when I finally listened to my dr and contacted my weight management clinic for a consultation, it was weird. I felt defeated. But don’t! Be ecstatic! Be proud!

You’re making a great choice to finally do something concrete about your hair loss. You’re moving past the level of trying to manage this yourself and putting the problem in the hands of professionals. Trust me. It’s the way to go. I decided to let obesity experts take control of the situation for myself. I hope you’ll allow the team of hair restoration experts at Best Hair Transplant to take control of yours.

Contact a Dr. for Patient Hair Restoration Consultations

If you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life and start regrowing your hair, then call or email us for your hair transplant free consultation. You have an amazing resource to change your appearance and your life for the better. So don’t wait around or spend any more time trying to solve this problem alone. Once a treatment plan is chosen, we’ll get you scheduled you so can regain your hair and confidence in no time.

On your call about your hair transplant free consultation, we’ll teach you what you need to know about hair loss, assess your particular hair loss situation, and let you know the right steps to go from here. So please, reach out to us and take that important next step to solve your hair loss for good!

Frequently Asked Questions about Surgical Hair Restoration

Contact your hair restoration Dr. to schedule consultations and answer questions

Why is a free consultation important before getting a hair transplant?

A free consultation provides an opportunity to assess individual needs, discuss expectations, and understand the hair transplant process. It ensures personalized solutions and allows patients to make informed decisions.

What happens during a hair transplant free consultation?

During the consultation, the doctor assesses hair loss, discusses patient goals, and provides an overview of the transplant process. It’s a chance to ask questions, understand the procedure, and explore personalized treatment plans.

Can I schedule a follow-up appointment after the free consultation?

Yes, scheduling a follow-up appointment is common. It allows for continued discussions, additional questions, and further planning for the hair transplant procedure.

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