Will a Hair Transplant Hat Reverse Balding?

November 27, 2020

Will a hair transplant hat reverse balding? First off, it’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a “hair transplant hat”. This is a common misconception and one that many hair loss sufferers get confused by.

However, while hair transplant hats are not a thing, laser hair restoration caps are! Best of all, these laser caps can help you reverse balding in as little as 6 minutes per day. In fact, if you use the prescription-grade Capillus RX 312, you can reverse balding and begin regrowing your own natural hair.

How Can a Laser Cap Reverse Balding?

A laser hair cap like the Capillus RX 312 can reverse balding by utilizing low-level laser therapy, or LLLT. LLLT treatment is a hair restoration option that has been used to treat male and female pattern baldness. Visible red laser light has been shown to be effective in stimulating and energizing the cells within the hair follicle.

Capillus offers multiple models of their lasercaps. At Best Hair Transplant, we offer the highest grade prescription model – the Capillus RX 312. This is the best laser cap Capillus offers and the highest-rated laser cap on the market. That’s because the Capillus RX 312 boasts an impressive 312 laser diodes. Using this laser cap, you’ll experience greater scalp coverage. As a result, this increased coverage frequently results in the greater potential to reverse balding and help you regrow your lost hair.

Reverse Balding with Capillus RX 312

Right now, Best Hair Transplant is offering a $1,000 instant rebate off the purchase of your Capillus RX 312 laser hat. To receive this rebate, all you have to do is agree to be part of a simple before and after hair restoration study. Simply agree to submit before and after pictures and we’ll give you a $1,000 rebate on your Capillus lasercap. This prescription-grade LLLT laser cap is only offered by hair restoration clinics like Best Hair Transplant. Additionally, this $1,000 instant rebate is only offered for a limited time.

Again, this is the highest grade LLLT device made in the USA. And you’re going to receive $1,000 off the MSRP after your purchase. If you’re interested, please get ahold of us and we’ll tell you how to save a ton of money and how to start restoring your hair without a surgical procedure.

Call Us for Your Capillus Lasercap

Why wait? Contact us today to ask about the Capillus 312 laser device. If you’re not sure, call us so we can have a free virtual consultation to discuss your available options and how laser hair therapy may be beneficial for your unique hair loss situation and hair restoration goals.

Best Hair Transplant offers better prices for the Capillus RX 312 laser hair restoration hat than you can find for a lesser grade device. So what are you waiting for? Stop hair loss now! Contact us to purchase your Capillus 312 and sign up for our before and after study.

Find out further details about how you can reverse balding with Capillus by visiting our clinic’s laser cap site Laser Cap Me.


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