Men’s Best Hair Restoration Los Angeles Treatment Options

September 5, 2022

The Best Hair Restoration Los Angeles Offers

Many men experience hair loss over the course of their lifetime. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every man. I’m sure you’ve already figured that out by now. So you may find yourself wondering “What is the best hair restoration Los Angeles treatment option for me?”

Some of the most common causes are attributed to genetics, stress, or environmental factors. More than half of men over the age of 50 experience androgenic alopecia. You may know this by the more common term “male pattern baldness”. Male pattern hair loss is thought to be inherited through genetics. In this article, we will discuss men’s best hair restoration Los Angeles treatment options.

If you’re dealing with male pattern baldness you are not alone. Thankfully the knowledge around hair loss, as well as the treatments to address this condition is constantly evolving. While there’s no surefire way to prevent hair loss, there are many options. Some solutions significantly slow down this process. Let’s learn more below.

Understanding Men’s Hair Loss

It helps to understand a little bit about the life cycle of a strand of hair. Hair goes through a natural cycle of growing, resting, and shedding. It is completely normal for a person to shed between fifty and one hundred hairs on a daily basis. When the hair growth cycle is balanced, this shedding will barely be noticed. This is because the majority of the hairs on the head are in the growth stage. Only a small percentage in either the resting or shedding stage.

When the growth cycles are out of balance, hairs shed at a faster rate than they grow. This is when we start to see less density in the hair. Perhaps the scalp is more visible than it used to be. We may also notice the area where we part our hair is wider. We may even notice an area that is balding altogether. If you notice increased shedding that continues for a period of time that exceeds 6 months, or you see that you are shedding more than 100 hairs per day, it might be time to call your doctor.

Run Tests to Narrow Down the Reasons for Your Hair Loss 

It is always helpful to run some tests to determine the cause of your hair loss before seeking the best hair restoration Los Angeles treatments. While family history of androgenic alopecia is a big clue there are other causes of hair loss in men as well. Certain medical conditions can cause hair loss. These include autoimmune diseases, thyroid imbalances, and scalp infections.

Not all of these conditions would make one a good candidate for the best hair restoration Los Angeles treatments, such as hair transplant surgery. For example, the autoimmune disorder, alopecia areata does not respond well to transplant surgery. The compulsive hair-pulling disorder trichotillomania would be another cause of hair loss that would not respond to transplant surgery because the root causes of this disorder need to be addressed first.

Medications May Cause Male Hair Loss 

Certain medications, including some that are prescribed as medicine for conditions such as cancer, depression, gout, heart disease, and arthritis can affect one’s hair. Increased shedding and hair loss is an unfortunate side effects of some of these medicines. This is why it’s important to disclose what medications you are taking when you come in for your consultation at the best hair restoration Los Angeles clinics.

Other times men’s hair loss can be caused by heavy metal toxicity, an excess of stress, or nutritional imbalances. Your doctor may be able to order some simple blood tests to determine whether any of these factors are at play. Sometimes when underlying imbalances are addressed, the hair loss condition corrects itself on its own. Sometimes simple lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking can help with the health of one’s hair. Once you’ve gotten the results of your blood tests you’ll be able to share this information with the surgeon at the best hair restoration Los Angeles clinic that you are considering.


There are two main medications that are prescribed to address male pattern baldness: Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). Rogaine is available commercially as either a liquid or foam. It is applied to the scalp twice daily, and its active ingredient, minoxidil works to stimulate new growth and prevent further hair loss. Results will depend on proper application and dosage, but most can expect to see some results within 4 to 6 months. However, any new growth you obtain with minoxidil will be lost within a few months if you discontinue the use of this product. Not everyone wants to incorporate twice-daily Rogaine treatments into their daily routine, plus the costs of regularly purchasing this product start to compound over time.


Finasteride, also known as Propecia is a prescription pill that is taken daily. It is also sometimes used as a topical medication. According to the FDA, it takes about 3 months of daily use to see results. Just as with minoxidil, any hair growth obtained through taking finasteride will be lost within a few months of ceasing the use of the medication. Furthermore, some men report negative side effects with regard to their sex lives. Because finasteride affects the body’s production of the hormone testosterone, some men report that they struggle with sexual performance and a loss of desire. This side effect has not been reported with topical finasteride.

Hair Transplants – The Permanent Hair Restoration Option in LA 

Hair transplants are considered the most permanent when it comes to the best hair restoration Los Angeles solutions. The two most common methods of hair transplantation are known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Both surgeries involve the surgical removal of hair follicle grafts from one portion of the scalp and their transplantation into another area. The two surgeries differ in terms of the methods by which the grafts are removed.

With FUT the grafts are removed by the surgeon by making a small, horizontal incision in the scalp at the back of the head in order to remove the grafts. With FUE, the follicular grafts are removed individually with a micro punch tool. Both surgeries have similar success rates and give the patient permanent, lifelong results. FUE tends to be more time-consuming, and thus more expensive than FUT, but it is also preferred by many patients because there is less discomfort during the recovery period. It is also an ideal surgery for men who like to wear their hair cut short, as scarring at the donor sites is virtually invisible.

Hair Transplants Are Hair Surgeries

Keep in mind that both of these procedures are considered surgery. They are outpatient procedures that are performed under local anesthesia, but they must be performed by a trained doctor who has plenty of experience and training in these intricate surgeries.

In the wrong hands, a patient could face catastrophic consequences from a poorly performed hair transplant surgery, including infection or permanent scarring. This is why we suggest you do plenty of research before selecting a clinic so that you feel confident you are accessing the best hair restoration Los Angeles treatment providers available. 

If surgery sounds intimidating to you, or you don’t feel ready to take that step yet, another non-invasive treatment option is low-level laser therapy. These laser cap devices are completely painless, have no known side effects, and only require about 5 minutes out of your day for home treatment. Not all lase caps are of equal quality.

The only laser caps that have been clinically shown to be effective are ones that are built with prescription-grade laser diodes such as the Capillus RX laser caps available at Best Hair transplant. The laser caps that you see for sale on Amazon, or those that claim to boost hair growth with the help of LED lights are not going to give you results.

We’re Your Best Hair Restoration Los Angeles Surgical Center 

The best hair restoration Los Angeles clinics, such as Best Hair Transplant, located in Redondo Beach, offer complimentary consultations to patients who are interested in our services. This is a great opportunity to gain more education and insight into your treatment options.

You will be able to learn about our surgeon and his team. We will explain what the entire hair restoration surgery process is like from before surgery to a year post-op. We can provide you with photos and referrals from past patients ecstatic about the results of hair surgeries. Finally, we will discuss your health history and goals to ensure that we choose the most appropriate treatment plan available.

We offer FUT, FUE, and low-level laser (LLLT) therapy. But we’re not just another hair surgery center in LA. We offer the most accessible rates in the Los Angeles area. We offer straightforward flat rate prices for FUT and FUE. Additionally, we believe in pricing our services so that our estimates are simple and straightforward.

Furthermore, we believe that hair restoration should be accessible to the everyday person. We’ve built our business helping thousands of people restore their hair to the look they’ve always dreamed of. Book your consultation with us today and learn why we’re the best hair restoration Los Angeles clinic for you.

Best Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your hair transplant in Los Angeles. We’ve helped both men and women regrow their lost hair. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on a variety of hair transplants.

To ensure your ease of mind, you can view our customer recommendations HERE. Furthermore, you can also see our Google reviews and Yelp reviews. We can’t wait to help you start restoring your lost hair.


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