Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, CA is one of the largest natural history museums in the western United States. With nearly 35 million specimens and artifacts, the museum’s collections span 4.5 billion years of history. A great post ahead.

Open seven days a week

Located in Los Angeles County, CA, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the largest natural history museums in the west. Founded in 1913, the museum’s collections include more than 35 million specimens. It has one of the world’s largest natural history archives, and it is active in research and education. The museum also has a number of special exhibits that are worth a visit.

The Museum of Natural History is an impressive place, with three floors of permanent exhibits and a beautiful rose garden. Its marbled hallways and exhibits have been featured in films such as “Clean Slate” with Dana Carvey and “Bonfire of the Vanities” with Tom Hanks.

The museum’s Dinosaur Hall is one of the most impressive dinosaur exhibits you will ever see. In it, you’ll find over 20 complete dinosaurs as well as ancient sea creatures. The museum also has an impressive collection of real fossils.

Dinosaur Hall

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLA) is free to visit. The museum’s impressive collections include gems and minerals, and dinosaur fossils. Aside from the impressive collection of dinosaur fossils, the museum also offers guided tours and hands-on displays for children.

The Natural History Museum has a new Dinosaur Hall. The 14,000 square foot exhibit features 20 complete mounts of dinosaurs. It also features three Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, representing three key stages of growth.

The new exhibit is more than twice the size of the previous dinosaur galleries. It will be open to the public on July 16.

The exhibit features a world-first Tyrannosaurus rex growth series, which displays baby, juvenile, and sub-adult T.rex. It also features complete Stegosaurus and Mamenchisaurus. This is the only exhibit of its kind in the world. Here is another spot to visit.


Located at the entrance of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County CA, the Rotunda is one of the most distinctive locations in Los Angeles. It is a public space and serves as the first piece of public art funded by Los Angeles County.

The Rotunda is a colonnaded hall lined with marble columns. It features a stained glass skylight. It is the centerpiece of the Museum’s main building and has been a filming location.

The Rotunda was completed in 1914, one year after the Museum opened. It was designed by stained glass designer Walter Horace Judson. It features a three-part globe held aloft by three muses. The muses represent three subjects in the sculpture: Joy, Science, and Art.

The Rotunda is one of the most beautiful and popular event spaces at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. It provides seating for 200 to 250 people. It is open to the public until 5pm, seven days a week.

Special exhibits

Among the special exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is a new multimedia exhibit called “LA Underwater”. This exhibit explores the world of fossils and underwater life. This is a great activity for families. It includes 40 fossils and an interactive map that allows visitors to view more of the fossils.

The Museum also offers several different programs, such as monthly lectures and nature-specific programs. The museum is also a great venue for corporate events. In addition, the museum offers free admission to schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The museum also hosts a variety of special events, such as the annual Origami Holiday Tree, giant screen film and Planetarium Space Show. These events showcase science as a way of thinking.

La Kretz Center

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