Surgical Hair Restoration Truly Changes Lives and It Can Change Yours Too!

October 22, 2022

Surgical Hair Restoration May Be Right for You

Surgical Hair restoration truly changes lives and it can change yours too. It is no exaggeration to say that surgical hair restoration can truly transform your quality of life. Hair plays a huge role in our appearance. How we feel about the way we look can affect the ways we move throughout the world. If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, and considering hair restoration, it is natural to have hesitations about committing to such an intensive procedure.

There are so many different products and remedies that are marketed to address hair loss that simply does not work. Products from vitamins to LED light hair combs promise big results without delivering. If you’ve ever felt disappointed by products that failed to deliver, it’s only natural that you might feel a bit skeptical about surgical hair restoration. Especially since it can be quite costly.

One of the things that can help you to make a final decision is to listen to the stories of people who have undergone surgical hair restoration in the past. They can share with you what they liked and didn’t like about their experiences. They can also give you insight into how hair transplants have changed your life. But where can you find real hair transplant patients to share their stories with you?

Real People Discuss Surgical Hair Restoration

Realself Hair Transplants

Realself is a website that only allows verified patients who have had different types of plastic surgery to share their experiences. They must provide proof that they were a client of a particular doctor or clinic before submitting a review. Patients that have undergone hair transplant surgery note a huge transformation in their self-esteem.

One patient says, “Changed my life, I have more self-esteem. I can now wear my hair out with any style without fear of judgment.” 

Another patient’s only regret is that they waited so long to get surgical hair restoration. They report, “I’m happy I had my hair transplant, it has given me more confidence. I look back at my before pictures and I think to myself, I should have done this sooner lol”

Quora Hair Restoration

Quora is a site that allows community members to post questions and get feedback from each other. One board that is dedicated to life after transplant surgery has many positive stories from users who have undergone surgical hair restoration. One user reports that he has gone on to inspire several other acquaintances that have been contemplating hair restoration surgery to do the same. He relays, “I got the chance to achieve my lost confidence back. People started to convey compliments by saying that I look younger and it’s insane. I am glad to hear that, believe me. I became a motivational tool for the bald people living in my society and office as well. They were so confused and scared of whether they should do a hair transplant or not. As a result, some have gone through this and some are ready to do so.”

Emotional & Psychological Benefits

As you can see when a patient has a positive experience with surgical hair restoration, they inspire the people around them who may also be struggling with hair loss. Hair restoration can have a huge impact on a person, both emotionally and psychologically.

One patient on Quora shares a touching story, “Hair loss has affected me in many ways. I started living an inferiority complex life. I had tried numerous temporary hair treatments, but none were satisfactory. Whatever I tried made me realize even more of my concern. Having a hair transplant was one of the most beautiful changes that have been a part of my painful journey. By the time I was ready for hair transplantation, I had nearly lost all my hope.” 

They go on to explain how their life has been transformed after surgery, “One of my biggest concerns for feeling a low-key life in an inferiority complex was a lack of confidence. Once the hair started to grow, I was nervous. Luckily the results were shocking. They were so natural. Nobody was able to distinguish whether I had gone through a transplant treatment. I feel the confidence more than before. As my confidence bar has raised, I have started looking better, internally and externally. It has made me realize that no matter what I do unless I am not happy from within, I won’t be happy no matter what I do. Unlike other temporary solutions, it is a one-time investment. The best part is that it is long-lasting. Now that my hair has grown completely, I can style them however I want. I have been dying to experiment with my hair for so long.

No matter what people say, people somehow misjudge your abilities with the old look that comes with acute hair fall. I have felt a positive change in the workplace. I can easily socialize now.”  

Improved Self Esteem

As you can see the impacts of hair loss on one’s self-esteem can prevent a person from socializing or pursuing professional dreams. The boost of confidence that surgical hair restoration provides can literally change the trajectory of one’s life. On another Quora board, a hair transplant surgeon shares their perspective on how dramatically a patient’s life can change. The doctor shares, “ One patient came to me whose daughter was about to get married. Because of his baldness, he was shy to take selfies, and photos with family or alone. His daughter forced him to get a transplant just about 8 months before marriage. 6 months after the transplant he visited me. And he was telling that not even a single day goes by when he does not click a photo. He was ready for the picture-perfect on his daughter’s wedding day”  

That’s not the only positive transformative story he has to relay about his patients. He’s noticed that his patients even report positive changes in their income, “Two brothers approached me for transplants. They were twins. It’s been 3 years now. They say their business has gone up twice because now they face the world with more confidence.”

Reddit & Surgical Hair Restoration

Another great community discussion site where you can read about the experience of hair transplant patients is Reddit. As you will see from this thread, sometimes the changes that surgical hair restoration patients experience have more to do with their day-to-day experiences. “Today I went to a random barber (not my regular barber) and asked for a regular cut “like JFK” off the wall. I didn’t worry about my hair. I didn’t freak out because It wasn’t MY barber and I didn’t worry that he wouldn’t get my hair cut just right to hide my receding hairline. Thinking to myself “oh god everyone here can see my temples receding” as the barber combed my hair back to cut it.

Instead, I sat there, got a cut, told the barber it looked great, paid, and walked out. This is something that caused me to have panic attacks not 1 year ago. I’m 6 months post-FUE and I’m already happy with the results, looking forward to 6 more months of growth! If you’re on the fence just go for it! It’s changed my life!”

Looking Decades Younger

This is something that a person who hasn’t had to deal with hair loss would take for granted, but any person who has ever been self-conscious about their hair knows exactly how important this moment was. Shedding the stress of feeling self-conscious about one’s hair can feel liberating.

A patient on Reddit shares, “I literally look at least 10 years younger. My wife cannot believe the transformation. It is not like a hairpiece (which I could never do, personally) where you go from 0 to 60 in one day. The hair grows so slowly that most people cannot even tell you did anything. It just looks like real hair, because it is. I feel like the weight of 20+ years of stressing about my hair loss has FINALLY been lifted from my shoulders. Looking in a mirror is no longer a depressing experience. Shampooing is no longer a depressing experience. My scar is very hard for me to detect btw, and I know where it is! I would totally do it again and I may have a 2nd hair transplant in the future.”

As you can see, a lot more than one’s hairline is transformed by a hair transplant. A person’s confidence contributes to the opportunities, and relationships they pursue. Surgical hair restoration truly has the power to change people’s lives. 

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