Is it Common for Young Men to get Hair Transplants?

May 13, 2021

How common is it for young men to get hair transplants? More common than you know. Hair loss does not discriminate as much as you may imagine. Sure, it’s more noticeably associated with old age, but there are plenty of young men who show significant hair loss by even their early 20s.


Sir Patrick Stewart is a famous bald celebrity, maybe the most famous bald celebrity. Professor X started noticing his premature baldness when he was only 19! Stewart has said that “it all happened in the space of a year. I thought everything was over.”

Captain Picard tried a bunch of different hats, and even the ridiculous combover! Nothing really worked, and hair transplant surgery then was not what it is today. From Sir Patrick Stewart’s abundant interviews, it can be inferred that he would probably have opted for hair transplant surgery at 19, had our modern technology been available in 1959. What we have today was a dream for young men of the past.

Patrick Stewart is one of the lucky ones, who has a very nice and evenly shaped head, so he was able to successfully make a go of it. Most of us can’t pull that off, especially young men. History has plenty of other male examples of celebrities who went with the toupee, because it was the best thing available at the time. Such an example is the equally legendary, also knighted, Sir Sean Connery.


007 himself was only 21 years old when he started going bald. Yeah, he’s wearing a toupee in all those Bond films. Clearly, 1951 was a terrible time for any young men to be alive and bald. And they didn’t begin filming James Bond movies until 1962, so Sean Connery had a good decade to lose even more of his hair.

If you’re one of the best and most charming actors of all time, Hollywood will find a way to movie-magic you some hair, but most of us young men don’t have that option. This was also way before hi-def, so who knows how bad these Hollywood toupees really looked. That was the best you could get back then. We have way better options today – ones that don’t require daily glue and regardless fly away in the wind.


The question you really have to ask yourself is how much of your life do you want to spend bald? Young men have way more of their lifespans to suffer through thinning hair. If you live the average lifespan of a male U.S. citizen (71), and if you’re going bald at 30, you have more than 57% of your life to spend with little to no hair – and it could be much longer than that, depending on how long you live. For 20-year-old U.S. men going bald, the average life expectancy is 74, so that’s an average of 73% of your life that you could spend bald.

Young men alive today have better access to high-quality hair transplants that would have been viewed as a miracle by older generations. For higher quality of life, it’s recommended to fill in your hair as soon as you can, so you can have hair for more of your duration on this planet. However, young men more often require subsequent hair transplants later in life, as we just don’t know how exactly your particular hair loss will progress.


Every young man struggling with hair loss should get a free consultation with an expert hair restoration center as soon as possible. It is important to determine how much can and should be done. To find out if you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery, how many grafts you need, and to discuss the best options for you personally, schedule your free consultation today.

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