Why You Should Schedule Your FUT Transplant in Los Angeles

October 30, 2020

Looking for a FUT Transplant in Los Angeles?

If you’re looking for a FUT Transplant in Los Angeles, look no further than Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach. But why should you choose us as your FUT hair transplant clinic? There are a number of reasons.

Why Get Your FUT Transplant in Los Angeles?

It may seem counterintuitive to get a FUT hair transplant in Los Angeles. After all, LA is an expensive place to do almost anything. We all know that LA is one of the biggest, most famous cities in California… in the country… in the world. And it’s no wonder why that is. We’re the epicenter of the film industry. As such, there’s a lot of money floating around this area. Consequently, many products and service costs are drastically inflated.

However, that’s not the case at Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach. Despite being located in the Los Angeles area, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices low and our surgical quality high. We’re able to do this because we’re a small private clinic with low overhead. As a result, we’re able to offer FUE and FUT hair restoration procedures for less.

In fact, our prices are so low that we have patients from all over the United States travel to Los Angeles to see us. Yes! Our prices are really that good. And it’s not just deal hunters who choose to get their FUT hair transplant at Best Hair Transplant. Celebrities, movie stars, business magnates, and people from all walks of life trust us to provide them with the highest quality FUT Transplant in Los Angeles.

Convenience is Key

Our hair transplant clinic is conveniently located in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA. We’re located centrally in the LA area. As a result, it takes an hour or less to get to our clinic. Additionally, you need only come into our clinic for your actual procedure.

We happily offer phone and video consultations for your convenience. And this doesn’t just include residents of LA. We help patients all over the U.S. with their FUE transplant needs. This is one of the many reasons for you to schedule your FUT transplant in Los Angeles.

If you need to schedule a FREE consultation, please reach out to us. If you would like to come to see us in person, we’re available for that as well. Below, you’ll find some estimated travel times to get to Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach.

  • Beverly Hills, CA – a 50-minute drive
  • Pasadena, CA – a 55-minute drive
  • Hollywood, CA – a 60-minute drive
  • Burbank, CA – a 55-minute drive
  • Santa Monica, CA – a 50-minute drive
  • Long Beach, CA – a 30-minute drive
  • Hermosa Beach, CA – a 15-minute drive
  • Torrance, CA – a 10-minute drive
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – a 20-minute drive
  • El Segundo, CA – a 25-minute drive
  • Lawndale, CA – a 20-minute drive


Best Hair Transplant is the best place to schedule your FUT transplant in Los Angeles. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest learning as much as possible about hair restoration. Do so prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone.

At Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, we pride ourselves on helping our patients choose the best procedure for them. Do your homework. Research your hair restoration doctor. After all, not all doctors are equal. For your benefit, ask to see “Before & After” photos.

At Best Hair Transplant, we’re proud of our results and happy to provide hair restoration services. Additionally, we’re proud to make hair transplants affordable and help you save money on hair transplants. View our customer recommendations HERE.


Best Hair Transplant
1970 S. Prospect Ave., Suite 2
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(213) 403-0455

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