Is Topical Finasteride as Effective as Finasteride Tablets?

August 31, 2020

Finasteride Tablets – A Great Option to Treat Hair Loss

For years, finasteride tablets have been clinically proven to effectively treat hair loss and have been shown to prevent further hair loss and promote the regrowth of lost hair for up to 90% of users. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into some of the studies on the efficacy of finasteride. We will also explore the differences between topical finasteride versus finasteride tablets. We will break down the pros and cons of finasteride tablets and topical finasteride.

Finasteride is effective in treating hair loss because it reduces the amount of DHT, the hormone that is primarily responsible for causing male and female pattern baldness. When people think of Finasteride, they usually think of pills or tablets. After all, Finasteride is frequently taken in tablet form. You take it once daily in order to prevent further hair loss. While finasteride is an effective treatment for treating pattern baldness and hair loss, some men do experience unfortunate side effects when they take finasteride in tablet form.

Topical Finasteride Vs. Finasteride Tablests

Because finasteride impacts the production of male hormones like testosterone, some men experience sexual side effects as a result. These include erectile dysfunction and a loss of libido. Other dermatological side effects such as swelling and rashes can also occur. While the side effects related to sexual performance only impact about 4% of men that take finasteride, many men are put off by this side effect and opt-out of even considering finasteride tablets as a treatment option.

By comparison, topical finasteride is far less likely to cause these undesirable side effects. Multiple studies prove this to be true. This is great news for those who are seeking a treatment for hair loss that will be effective but have some anxieties about the side effects of the oral medication. After all, the last thing you want is to get your hair loss under control, only to be presented with yet another problem to solve. Topical finasteride is very effective in preventing hair loss as well. In fact, results are comparable to taking the oral medication. And that’s great news!

For example, one 2009 study that compared the effectiveness of Finasteride gel against the tablet treatment showed that the therapeutic effects of finasteride gel and finasteride tables were relatively similar to each other. As mentioned above, finasteride works by reducing DHT levels. This is still the case when it comes to topical finasteride. Another study conducted in 2014 showed that plasma DHT reduced by 68-75% through topical application, and by 62-72% with oral medication. This shows that in actuality, topical finasteride can be slightly more effective in reducing DHT levels than oral medication.

Topical Finasteride is Just as Effective as Finasteride Tablets

Topical finasteride comes in the form of a liquid, gel, or cream. You apply it to the affected area of the head. It’s really easy to use and does not have the same reported side effects as the oral medication. This is great news for those who have hesitations about taking finasteride tablets. The effectiveness of topical finasteride is the same, without any side effects to worry about.

Topical finasteride is also safe to combine with other products that promote hair growth including minoxidil. In a 24 week-long study, the effectiveness of minoxidil alone over a combination minoxidil-finasteride lotion was put to the test. 40 men with androgenetic alopecia participated in the study. They were separated into two groups. One used topical minoxidil-only. The other used minoxidil-finasteride lotion. At the end of the study, the hair count results were similar. However, when photographs of the two groups were compared, the group that used minoxidil-finasteride lotion appeared to have better results. That’s pretty awesome! And great to know.

In short, topical finasteride is not only as effective as finasteride tablets, but it has significantly less risk of side effects. Especially because there is no risk of adverse impacts to one’s sex life, many men feel more at ease working with topical finasteride over finasteride tablets. Additionally, Finasteride tablets and Minoxidil work together. That’s even better news. After all, it’s always great to have as many tools in your tool belt. As always, before deciding on any home treatment plan, consult with your doctor.


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