Will Hair Transplants Take Root and Grow on a Scar?

February 15, 2021

Many people opt for hair transplant surgery, even those facing non-traditional hair loss. For instance, you or someone you know may have a scar on their head for some reason. Whatever the reason for the scar, hair no longer grows there. One may jump at the chance to regain that hair and hide that scar with something as natural as hair.

Perhaps you or someone you know received a FUT hair transplant and, as a result, has a scar where their hair was harvested. The good news is that person can receive an FUE hair transplant, and fill in that noticeable scar with hair, appearing good as new.

Maybe your hair transplant was performed decades ago, or you just got the cheapest hair transplant you could find, and have suffered some unfortunate scarring as a result. Maybe you were in a motorcycle accident or maybe you had brain surgery. Whatever the case, many people have suffered some sort of trauma that has left scarring that no longer grows hair.

Yes, Hair Transplants Can Grow on Your Scar

If you’ve looked into hair transplant surgery in past decades, you may have heard that hair cannot grow in scar tissue. However, thanks to advances in hair transplant surgery, that is no longer the case.

According to Dr. Shelly Friedman, a board certified hair restoration surgeon in Arizona, “Today we can transplant hair into scars.” Dr. Friedman elaborates, “As long as these donor hairs have follicles (roots), we can transplant into the scar and the grafts will grow.”

It may require extra care by the surgeon performing the hair transplant on a scar because scar tissue has a reduced blood supply. It may take some more time and effort on the part of your hair transplant surgeon. However, it can be successfully accomplished.

What is it Like to Transplant Hairs Into a Scar?

Transplants into scars often require multiple treatments. Some scar tissue may be more difficult to operate on if it is thicker than usual, but steroid treatments can help smooth and flatten it down until it can receive a successful hair transplant.

Another reason multiple treatments may be necessary is that because of the reduced blood flow scars receive, fewer grafts can be placed on the scar, and they must be placed further apart. Once these grafts take hold, patients can return to fill in any gaps with more grafts. This can be repeated until the hair on the scar reaches the desired level of density, and looks as natural as you would like.

Aftercare is always important for hair transplants, and extra care is required when scars are involved. It is easier for grafts in scar tissue to be dislodged. It is a standard precaution to avoid touching the grafts for the first week after surgery. Your surgeon may recommend or prescribe an aftercare spray to maximize the healing process.

So worry not! With an FUE hair transplant, you can once again sport a full head of hair without a silly scar standing in your way. If you’ve got a scar on your head and you’d like to fill it in with a hair transplant, contact Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach. We’re happy to help answer any questions you have about scar hair transplants and more!


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