Is a 1000 Grafts Hair Transplant Coverage Enough for Average Hair Loss?

March 22, 2022

A lot of hair loss clinics set their pricing scale based on a set dollar amount per graft. Some clinics will keep that pricing scale regardless of how many grafts you need, and some clinics will increase their price, per graft after 1000 grafts. Depending on where you are shopping around for a hair transplant, and what kinds of hair transplants you are looking into will also affect the price per graft. Generally, if a clinic is going to increase the price per graft after 1000, they will offer a lower price per graft up to that 1000 mark. So that means if you only need 1000 grafts to get the look of a full head of thick hair, then one of these clinics will be the best deal for you.

Answering the question of if 1000 grafts hair transplant coverage enough to fill in even average hair loss is more complicated than one would think. For instance, a graft can fill in more area of the scalp if your hair is naturally thicker and fuller than if you have naturally thin hair. Also, the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the hair transplant has a lot to do with the end result. It’s possible that 1000 grafts hair transplant coverage enough for a relatively large bald spot if the hair on your donor area is thick and healthy.

Understanding the Norwood Scale for Male Pattern Baldness

The Norwood scale is the leading method used to determine the stages of traditional male pattern baldness. There are certain patterns in which men usually lose their hair, and the Norwood scale provides an easy reference that indicates these patterns and the levels of baldness, as the hair loss progresses. The Norwood scale is just the main scale used by doctors for male pattern baldness; however, there are other scales used that include males and females or just female pattern hair loss.

There are 7 stages of hair loss according to the Norwood scale. Each stage measures the severity of the pattern male hair loss. If someone has progressed to stage 3 according to the Norwood scale, their hair loss would be referred to as “Norwood stage 3.”

Stages of the Norwood Scale

  • Stage 1. The first stage of the Norwood scale refers to men who have no significant hair loss or recession of the hairline.
  • Stage 2. Norwood stage 2 begins when there is just a slight recession of the hairline around the temples. This is also sometimes referred to as a “mature hairline.”
  • Stage 3. This stage is when the first signs of clinically significant hair loss occur. The recession of the hairline becomes very apparent at both temples. This will generally make the hairline look to be a M, U, or V shape. The spots of the recessed hairline are completely bald or sparsely covered with thin hair.
  • Stage 3 Vertex. This is when the original stage 3 progresses to the point where there is significant hair loss on the top of the scalp (vertex).
  • Stage 4. The hairline recession is more severe than in stage 3, and there is sparse hair or no hair on the vertex. The two areas of hair loss are separated by a band of hair that connects to the hair remaining on the sides of the scalp.
  • Stage 5. This is when both the sides of the scalp and the vertex suffer hair loss that is more significant than stage 4; however, there are still bands of hair separating them.
  • Stage 6. This stage occurs when the areas at the temples join with the bald area at the top of the head.
  • Stage 7. Norwood stage 7 is the most severe stage of hair loss according to the Norwood classification. This stage is characterized by being completely bald outside of having a thin band of hair going the sides of the head. This band of hair is usually very thin and sparse.

Per the Norwood Scale, is 1000 Grafts Hair Transplant Coverage enough?

Now that we have an understanding of the Norwood scale for the classification of male pattern baldness. Let’s look into how many grafts does it take to fill in each stage. This way you may be able to classify yourself based on the Norwood scale and get a general idea if 1000 grafts hair transplant coverage enough to have you looking your best. However, keep in mind you will need a doctor’s consultation to be able to get an approximate number needed because everyone’s hair is different.

It goes without saying that if you are a Norwood stage 1, then just go and google something else. At least for now. Norwood stage 2 generally doesn’t need an operation, unless you are concerned about symmetry, but there could be anywhere from 500 – 800 grafts if so. Norwood stage 3 and 3 vertex is generally when men start looking into hair transplants as the hair loss has become very apparent. Both stage 3’s generally needs anywhere from 1000 to 1,400 grafts to give the appearance of a full head of hair.

After stage 3, the number of grafts needed for a hair transplant gets much higher. At Norwood stage 4 you will need approximately 1,700 to 2,500 grafts and at stage 5, you could need up to 3,200 grafts. If you have progressed to stage 6 then the number of grafts you need could be in the access of 4,200. Most stage 7’s do not have enough healthy donor hair to even qualify for a hair transplant procedure.


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