It Looks Like I Got Hair Plugs. Can This Be Repaired?

July 23, 2020

Hair Plugs Just Plain Suck!

There is nothing worse than undergoing a cosmetic procedure and being unhappy with the results. Trust me. I’ve been there myself. And it’s no fun. Not only are you out the money but the surgery you may have been dreaming about didn’t work out properly. It may have made little difference in your look. In fact, it could have made things worse! And that’s how many hair transplant patients felt about procedures they underwent in the 80s and 90s. For these types of unnatural-looking procedures, the term “hair plugs” was coined. And that’s not a good sign.

The last thing you want is for your hair transplantation procedure to make you look like you got hair plugs. Luckily, technological advances and training implemented in the early 2000s have given skilled surgeons the ability to make hair transplants look completely natural. At least they can be as long as your surgeon knows his or her stuff. However, not every patient makes the right choice.

Let’s be honest. Some doctors do poor work. And even though the technology is there to offer stellar hair restoration procedures, we see many patients who look like they got hair plugs from another facility. They may have gotten a hair transplant years ago. They may have chosen the wrong surgeon. Either way, a common question we get asked at Best Hair Transplant is, “It looks like I got hair plugs. Can this be repaired?” Don’t worry, if you’re unhappy with a past procedure, we can help you with hair transplant repair.

Why Hair Plugs Happened in the First Place

Past methods of restoring hair have fallen out of favor with most plastic surgeons. As we mentioned above, techniques have evolved considerably. Visible hair plugs, that look unnatural or “pluggy” often occur because the surgeon transplanted grafts that contained more than the proper number of follicular units. This causes the transplanted hair sites to look oversized and can even cause scarring at the donor sites. Sometimes, the grafts would be planted too deep in the scalp, resulting in the transplanted hair growing in the wrong direction, or even pits forming in the scalp. Unnatural-looking hairlines are another problem that our clients seek to address.

Frequently, patients looked like they had doll hairs implanted in their scalp. This was due to a lack of skill in combination with a doctor who tried to create uniformity in the hair pattern. However, hair is not uniform. It grows wherever it wants. On the back, on the toes, on the chest, on your face, and on the top of your head. And hair follicles pop up wherever they want in a random fashion. If you don’t know this or don’t take this into consideration, your doctor is going to make it look like you have hair plugs. Think of it like drawing. If you don’t know the way that light works, casting shadows and brightening certain objects, your drawing won’t look right. You need to understand more than the basics of putting a pencil onto paper. The same is true with hair transplants.

Leave the Past Behind You

Other past techniques that have fallen out of favor include scalp reduction. Surgeons thought that removing part of the bald area of the scalp would move the hairline forward. Many times this caused very obvious scarring and did not address the root causes of the hair loss, resulting in continued problems for the patient. Another technique that has fallen out of favor is scalp flap surgery. In this procedure a large flap of skin that contained as many as 10,000 hairs would be rotated on the frontal hairline, creating a thicker appearance. Problems that resulted from this surgery include the appearance of an unnatural hairline, hair growing in the wrong direction, or scarring at the donor site. Sometimes the hair on the transplanted flap failed to thrive altogether. And don’t get this confused with the modern FUT procedure. Follicular Unit Transplants are a fantastic hair restoration option for many patients.

Fixing Hair Plugs

When it comes to fixing an unsatisfactory hair transplant, the methods that are employed will vary depending on the individual. Additionally, the age of the transplants is a huge factor. If the complaint is the appearance of obvious hair plugs, oftentimes the surgeon will remove the bad grafts, make them smaller in size, and then replant them in a more natural pattern. Some patients may need to have more grafts put in to create a full look and natural hairline. Finally, some patients may opt to remove the bad grafts and accept being bald.

Patients may also wish to repair areas of obvious scarring. The surgeon may be able to reduce the scarred tissue by excising it and then closing the region in a way that does not leave an obvious scar. Sometimes hair can be transplanted into the scarred region using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This method involves removing individual grafts and does not involve any incision to the donor area. Furthermore, some patients require multiple procedural intervention techniques to fix their hair plugs.

The best way to determine the best options for fixing the appearance of hair plugs is to schedule a free consultation at Best Hair Transplant. We can conduct your consultation either virtually or in person. We will be able to evaluate the results of your past procedures and help come up with a plan to restore a natural appearance. We’ve helped a huge number of patients fix their pluggy transplants from both past and present procedures.

If you look like you have hair plugs, please contact us. We can help you determine which interventions or procedures may help you achieve the results you’re looking for. As long as you’re determined to be an appropriate candidate, we can help you too.


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